Woli Arole Landed A Netflix Deal For His Debut Movie “The Call”


Oluwatoyin Bayegun, aka Woli Arole, a comedian and actor, has been able to secure a Netflix deal for his debut movie, The Call.

According to the update given by Woli Arole himself, “The call” was added to the platform and started showing on July 27, 2020.

Woli Arole’s Statement Informing on the Deal

Woli Arole took to his page to say that he is happy to announce to everyone that his movie “the call” has been selected to showed and streamed on Netflix as from July 27. He went further to say that he is eternally grateful to God as well as all his family, friends, and fans around the world.

Also, he expressed his great delight for being the executive producer and an actor in the movie. Furthermore, Woli Arole went ahead to thank his team and crew, telling them how grateful he is for the success of the movie, tagging them a winning team.

Singling out the director of the movie, James Abinibi, he expressed how this is just the beginning, to his producer, Olojede visuals, he wished them more wins and made sure to say a huge thank you to the official distributor of the movie.

In his vote of thanks, he didn’t forget to say a big congratulation to his fellow actor in the movie and how thankful he is for their fantastic performance. Lastly, he made a hint as to how Woli Arole the global is just beginning, thereby imploring his fans to tell a friend that “the call” is now on Netflix.

Introducing You To “The call.”

The call is a movie that tells the story of a guy that never does well, along with his group of like-minded friends on their quest for wealth. During the quest, Arole inadvertently discovers his gift of clairvoyance.

The call is an exceptional movie that was acted by even more exceptional cast, the likes of Yinka Quadri, Woli Arole, Hafeez Oyetoro, Etinosa Ogbemudia, Segun Arinze Kelvin Ikeduba, and several others. According to Woli Arole, the call is about finding your purpose and, most of all, getting it right. It is not entirely a Christian movie, but it is a movie that shows one’s purpose and how to find it.

The movie that was directed by James Abinibi was released to the cinemas on January 4, 2019.

In Conclusion

The call was a fantastic movie that came to the Nigerian cinematic world by January 2019 and had since then proved to be an amazing movie worth every second. Now that Netflix has also recognized the worth of the movie and has also decided to add it to its platform, this serves as a piece of good news to the producer, actors, and Nollywood as a whole. Due to this news, it is probably safe to assume that there is more to come out from Woli Arole and Nollywood.