Wine Drinks | Four Popular in Nigeria that You Can’t Miss

Wine Drinks | Four Popular in Nigeria that You Can't Miss

Nigeria is famous for many things – its food, clothing, cultural diversity, more. But there is one more realm where Nigeria has made a name for itself on a global scale, and that is wine. Besides having some of the most well-known wine brands in the world, Nigeria offers certain indigenous wine drinks that captivate everything with its taste and finesse too. Here are some of the popular wine drinks in Nigeria that you have to try:

Palm Wine

From local tribes to urban people, palm wine appears to have seized the title of the center of attraction in social gatherings, special occasions, and parties everywhere in Nigeria. Particularly in the southern region of Nigeria, this is one of the most popular drinks and rated as the top choice by wine lovers. In some commercial areas in Nigeria, this drink is served at a very high price and treated as a Traditional African must-have drink.

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Four Popular Wine Drinks in Nigeria that You Can't Miss

This alcohol beverage is prepared from diverse species of palm trees, such as date palms, oil palm, Raphia palms, and coconut palms. Local herbs are also added to the drink and served cold after fermentation. This delicious drink is not just consumed for certain rituals or enjoyment but is highly favored for its medicinal value too.


Ogogoro is another version of the palm wine preferred by the West Naija’s for its premium taste. Ogogoro was mostly a popular drink among the people of lower classes in Nigeria, but the drink has now been embraced by the elite society as well. Ogogoro is extracted from local palm trees and is a must-have drink in traditional celebrations.

It is basically a form of fermented palm wine. After a week of fermentation, the wine is thoroughly mixed and heated. A wood container is later used to cool down the hot drink before pouring it into a container. This alcoholic drink is known as the Nigerian version of Vodka and has appealed to many foreigners.

Four Popular Wine Drinks in Nigeria that You Can't Miss


Urwagwa is a celebrated drink that was introduced by the local tribe Rwandans. This traditional fermented alcoholic wine is prepared by mashing bananas and cereals made from finger millet, sorghum, or maize.

Four Popular Wine Drinks in Nigeria that You Can't Miss

The process of making this banana wine is a lengthy one, giving this beverage a longer shelf life. The wine has a very intense alcoholic flavor and tastes somewhat like an unfiltered apple juice. Urwagwa has been a long-established drink in Africa, but recently it has been getting spotlight from around the world.

Honey Wine

Nigeria has favorable climate conditions to produce honey, giving it a big advantage in honey wine manufacturing. The abundant bee species swarming in the country helped in making honey wine a massive attraction in Nigeria. Though this honey wine is known as ‘mead’ and has been one of the oldest forms of wine in the western regions, Nigeria has succeeded to make a better version of the honey wine by adding their tropical fruits and ethnic spices.

Final words 

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