Why Entrepreneurs Require Self-Compassion

self compassion
Give Yourself A Break; You Don’t Need To Be Hard On Yourself

The prolonged uncertain times indeed call for uncertain measures. The truth is the last couple of months have been hard for everyone. A good number of people have had to contend with self-doubt and a distinct lack of progress. More than ever, these times have been incredibly difficult for business owners: whose business relied on focus and quick decision making. You would agree that it can be a bit hard to grow a business when you are constantly faced with uncertainty and negativity.

So, how does a happy and cheerful entrepreneur navigate these challenging times? Well, the answer rests in one word, “self-compassion.”

The concept of self-compassion is simple. It’s all about feeling compassion for yourself, irrespective of your success or failure. Whether you agree with it or not, we all need compassion in our lives, in one way or the other.

Mind you, having self-compassion doesn’t give you the license to become lazy, neither doesn’t tell you not to take the necessary actions to improve. Remember, you are an entrepreneur, growing, improving, and developing are traits you should naturally exhibit. However, self-compassion gives you the license to replace doubts and negativity with positivity and kindness. In simple terms, it gives you permission to give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself well-done.

Self-compassion is more a reflection of internal happenings rather than external ones. Everybody feels terrible when they lose a client or fail to reach a deadline, but with a little dose of compassion, you can reduce the tendency to wallow in self-pity and boost your emotional resilience. This puts you in a better standing to handle future occurrences.

Self-compassion is the bedrock of resilience, and it helps you build your inner strength. This can prove beneficial in the long run, given the fact that humans have the tendency to be negativity. A research study found out that on average, humans have close to 5000 negative thoughts a day. Concentrating on the negative thoughts is just an easy way to amplify your mistakes. Now, we are not saying you shouldn’t take inventory of what is happening, or do a bit of personal reflection. But do it from a place of trying to get better rather than a place of doubt.

New Level Unlocked

Self-compassion is not a wonder pill. It doesn’t take any pain or feelings of despair. What self-compassion does is to enable you to be mindful of your feelings and your response to those feelings.

Let’s say you’ve lost a client, and as such, you feel a bit of pain. Rather than dwell on the painful experience, self-compassion allows us to show care and compassion to ourselves at that moment, just as we would show to a friend in need. The skill sets this develops include: the presence of mind, growth, character building, which are all key in building a thriving business.

Show little kindness

Self-compassion is a great self-help tool in these uncertain times. It is free, you don’t even have to go out to buy it. It is an excellent resource for managing stress, anger, and frustration. Self-compassion is a learnable skill that will give you an edge in life as well as in your business.

But as much as we try, perfection eludes us. We would always make mistakes, fall short of our goals, and fail to hit our targets. When those times do come, don’t make your life harder, make it a little better by being more forgiven and kinder to yourself. This will put you in a better shape to tackle what may come your way in your life and business.