Why Does Champagne Go With Celebrations?


Popping the cork to mark an anniversary or a closed deal is a tradition in several places in the world. From a team winning a championship to the clock striking midnight on NewYear’s Eve, Champagne is used to mark very iconic moments and special occasions. So it begs the question, what is the significance of celebrating with Champagne?

Over the years, the tasty bubbly wine has been associated with the elites, parties, and luxury. In fact, a walk down throughout history showed that Champagne was a critical component of parties and celebrations in the royal courts of Europe. In the 1700s, the drink was seen as a symbol of affluence. As one historian put it, “royalties across Europe loved the affluence of the drink. Rumors back then suggest that the drink could accentuate a woman’s beauty, and even increase a man’s wit” it was not until the end of the French Revolution that Champagne became a drink for both the high class and low class.

In modern times, Champagne became a global phenomenon in the late 19th century. Today, the premium drink is used to mark milestones, achievements, and joyous occasions. From being a drink only for royal elites to an affordable drink for everyone, Champagne is now a vital part of any celebratory event.


Celebrating with Champagne

In the world today, we want to mark the excitement and joy of any occasion. Champagne helps us to visually and symbolically mark such occasion since it literally pops in excitement and overflows.

Just popping a champagne bottle is a signal to get the celebration started. The funny thing is that the sparkling drink won’t be consumed in the midst of all the excitement and fanfare. There are lots of athletes upon winning that have champagne poured on them but don’t end up drinking it. This shows that in as much the luxurious drink is a tasty drink, it holds more worth symbolically. Mind you, the sparkling drink also has some visual aspects that more symbolic. The sound of the pop, to the color of the liquid, and the rich bottle, there are lots of visual cues that point to abundance.

Nothing has been able to overshadow Champagne’s reputation. It has survived several recessions, two worlds, and a pandemic. The global champagne market has been on the rise in the last seven decades. People will still fall back to bubbly to mark those special moments irrespective of the happenings in the world. Even though there are more pocket-friendly options out there in the market, Champagne would always be the drink every one wants to mark celebrations and romantic occasions. As Mark Twain puts it, “too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right” it is no wonder the drink is top of people’s drink list when it comes to celebration and merriment.

So next time you are out popping a bottle of Champagne celebrating that milestone, you would be able to tell people why.