Virtual Art Galleries Are the New Normal

Photo by: Mads Perch

It seems like yesterday when the people were going about their day without a worry. Art galleries, museums, and exhibitions were proudly representing the histories and cultures. People were witnessing the marvels of their ancient descendants. Who had known that an unseen virus could put a stop to all of that in a matter of weeks? People have lived with art for ages. But with the pandemic at its peak, art enthusiasts were having the worst time of their lives. However, the age of the internet has brought about a few alternatives that have come to their rescue. For one, virtual art galleries are a blessing of modern technology that is bringing right into our homes.

Beginning of the New Normal 

With the general lockdown declared in almost every country in the world, people had to leave everything in the status quo. This hit exhibitions, galleries, and museums badly. Things were getting tough for the people who were making a living with these and also for the art hungry individuals. However, when everything was moving online and becoming virtual, a significant shift was needed for the world of art as well.

Virtual Art Galleries Are the New Normal

Time and situation can bring opportunities that you may have never thought about before. And as it turns out, you can experience art and culture from the comfort of your couch. You don’t need to take a flight to see the National Museum of Singapore or Musée d’Orsay in Paris. This is the new normal where you don’t have to spend a lot to discover a new horizon of art.

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The New Art World  

There are mainly 4 ways by which museums, galleries, and exhibitions are keeping their audience engaged in these critical times. These include the following:

Social Media Campaigns and Series   

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is using an art-theme series, #TriviaTuesday where they are sharing the museum tour with security dog Riley. Also, the Philbrook Museum of Art, Oklahoma, has taken a humorous intake by sharing internet memes and contents.

Virtual Art Galleries Are the New Normal

Real-Time Live Streams 

Moderna Museet in Sweden has been doing a unique tour around their museum by doing 10-minutes live streams through Facebook and Instagram that they are calling “Sofa tours.”

Virtual Trips 

Galleries such as the Johannesburg Art Gallery, National Gallery of Art of USA, and museums such as the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, and many galleries are now available for virtual tours for visitors worldwide.

Virtual Art Galleries Are the New Normal

Virtual Reality 

With VR, museums such as the Smithsonian American Art Museum have made a project for their collections called “Beyond The Walls.” Also, the Louvre has made “Mona Lisa” available through their “Beyond The Glass” VR project.


Final Thoughts 

Arts and cultures allow people to overcome depression and find new hopes for life. Though the ongoing pandemic has snatched a lot from us, people found their willpower through these virtual versions of art. And the people who were making a living through art are picking up the pace too. This is the new normal that we may not have expected, but it has been the best alternative for the art world, artists, and enthusiasts alike.