University of the West of England graduate Rob Mamuda searches for his Nigerian dad last seen as a kid



Rob Mamuda

This is my dad. Hamidu Mamuda. I haven’t seen him since this picture was taken. Circumstances beyond my control. I want to find out what happened to my dad. If you are Nigerian especially from Jos or Plateau state please share this picture. He wrote to me often until I was 16 but I didn’t find the letters until I was 36. Like you all I loved my dad and now this is my last chance to find him. Please share this picture with anyone Nigerian

Friends and colleagues have been send in messages wishing him luck on his search.

Jean Hawkes Wish you all the luck in the world Rob. Wish I could help xxxxxx

Lucy Nash Gosh, that’s just a picture of Alex! Good luck Rob.

Elaina Morrow Good luck in your search Rob x


Rob all grown up wiuth his own family still searches for answers about his dad