Top 7 Remote Work Tools for Millennial Entrepreneurs

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The number of budding millennial entrepreneurs in our time is phenomenal. Coming from an age of technological revolution, this exciting generation entrepreneurial spirit is incomparable. With the outburst of COVID-19 which has completely shaped our working spaces, remote working is the new norm. The drive for autonomy and flexibility of work has created an urgency for millennial entrepreneurs to work from home. Whilst remote working can be challenging for most millennials, you get more work done. Below is a list of top 7 remote work tools millennial entrepreneurs can adopt in their work environments.

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1. Google drive: Cloud storage necessities


Google drive provides a cloud space for storage and back up of files. You can synchronize your files with several devices which allows you remote operation. Amazingly, the provision of 15GB storage space can accommodate numerous files. Millennial entrepreneurs can capitalize on the file sharing ability to work remotely. For security, you are able to share private files with specific people. Whether you are a virtual assistant, running a digital marketing agency; Google drive is an imperative for you.

2. Basecamp: Project management


Basecamp software allows entrepreneurs to collaborate and communicate easily to get projects done. The software is extremely user friendly with superb design for navigation. Embedded with tools like file storage, to do lists and group chats, this allows convenience in working as a unit. Millennial entrepreneurs who are finding it difficult to manage and execute their projects remotely should consider giving Basecamp a try.

3. Zoom: Video calls and screen sharing


Undoubtedly, video conferencing meetings is now more pronounced than ever. Zoom is most popularly used for video conferencing. The application allows participants to hold live video calls and chats, giving them space to exchange ideas and complete tasks. Moreover, Zooms allows creation of ‘Zoom rooms’ where meetings synergised. Millennial entrepreneurs can use zoom for professional meetings or hosting webinars. In fact, zoom recording allows you to record and save video meetings or webinars for later retrieval.

4. TeamViewer: Remote support


TeamViewer is tailor made for remote access of other person’s computers. Often times, screen sharing can limit specific operations. The software requires the users to have the application installed in their computers. The logins provided allows you to access the other party’s computer remotely. Millennial entrepreneurs can easily access their emails and files remotely, saving time and costs.

5. Evernote: Note-taking and organization


For note-taking and organization, Evernote is a must for all millennial entrepreneurs. You need to take note of your ideas and thoughts. To boost on team collaboration, the application allows one to take notes, edit, upload and share with teammates. It allows easy collaboration and completion of tasks. Moreover, you can synchronize the application with several devices hence convenient to use.


6. Drop box: Team collaboration


Though synonymous to google drive, Dropbox has a slight pedigree. Contrast to google drive, Drop box allows sharing of large-sized files like adobe and PowerPoint slides. Dropbox gives millennial entrepreneurs autonomy of work enabling remote collaboration. One can upload, edit and share files with many users. Additionally, files stored in the cloud can easily be accessed whether offline or online.

7. What’s up: Instant Chats?


Quick messaging applications are a great way of communication. What’s up is a mobile friendly application for quick chats. Thanks to what’s up, millennial entrepreneurs can easily send text messages, documents, photos, video call or group chat. This space allows them to quickly and conveniently follow up on their colleagues or work operations.

These are some of the simple remote work tools millennial entrepreneurs can use in their entrepreneurial pursuits. The list is in no way exhaustive. Did we miss out on your favourite tool? Kindly let us know in the comments section!