Top 10 Travel Agencies in Nigeria


Booking your trip with a travel agency is cheaper than doing it by yourself directly, but not all the agencies have the right network to facilitate your traveling plans smoothly. Have a worriless tour by assigning an agency from our rigorously researched list of top 10 travel agencies in Nigeria to carry out to hectic schedules for you:

10. Jolie Global Travels and Tours Ltd.

Top 10 Travel Agencies in Nigeria

About the Company: The company has been in the travel industry in Nigeria for a long time. It is well known for some of its exceptional services.

Service Description: Along with visa processing, documentation, tour packaging, and other regular travel services, Jolie Global offers foreign education consultancy and development and language translation services.

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9. Quantum Travels Ltd.

Top 10 Travel Agencies in Nigeria

About the Company: Quantum is an experienced travel agency operating since 2003 to provide the travelers with services that add value to their tour.

Service Description: Apart from the regular travel services, the company offers travel and health insurance, medical or emergency evacuation, packaged tours and cruises to the exciting destinations, and much more.

8. MayFair Travel Nigeria Limited

Top 10 Travel Agencies in Nigeria

About the Company: This is a local travel agency assisting the traveler with some unique services that you may not find from the competitors.

Service Description: It offers general travel management services and meets your request for a special meal or wheelchair – it also allows you to refund the ticket fare if needed.

7. Aeroport Travels and Tours

Top 10 Travel Agencies in Nigeria

About the Company: Aeroport is a travel management agency located in Lagos, Nigeria working relentlessly to provide a sound travel experience to the customers by handling all your documentation online.

Service Description: It offers the lowest possible market fares of flights while also organizing business travel, excursion, visa support, airport protocol, and many more services.

6. Icarrygo

Top 10 Travel Agencies in Nigeria

About the Company: Icarrygo may be one of the less popular agencies, but the services it provides are of standard quality, which you may not have anywhere else.

Service Description: It offers services including cruise holidays, domestic and international flights, car rentals, and fantastic accommodation.

5. Rewards Travels And Tours Limited

Top 10 Travel Agencies in Nigeria

About the Company: This company has branches in the major cities of Nigeria and it is committed to provide the customer with an exceptional travel experience.

Service Description: It always offers lucrative travel packages to allow you to visit your dreamed tourists spots or to accomplish a million dollar business deal without any hassle by partnering with global brands.

4. Travelstart

Top 10 Travel Agencies in Nigeria

About the Company: This is one of the most trusted and experienced travel agencies operating in Nigeria.

Service Description: It basically offers flights at the cheapest possible rate, luxurious accommodation, and car rentals around the world.



About the Company: It is a lifestyle and travel agency performing exceptionally well in the industry as a result of the quality services it provides to the customers.

Service Description: FlyBoku offers a variety of travel packages to give you a worriless tour to your dreamed destination. Moreover, credit facilities and travel insurance are also available.

2. Travelbeta

About the Company: Travelbeta is one of the leading travel agencies in Nigeria based in Lagos. The company is focused on offering the best travel package for any kind of traveling, be it corporate, casual, or solo tour.

Service Description: You can choose Travelbeta for international flight and hotel booking service, travel insurance, and visa support.

1. Wakanow

About the Agency: This is the first online travel agency that started operating in Nigeria 2008 and currently occupies about 10% of total market share.

Service Description: Wakanow is offering every kind of service including bespoke travel packages. Now you can enjoy credit facilities paying 25% of the cost upfront. Video Selling Product is the unique service it introduced recently.  Along with regular discounts, there are reward packages for the referee. “Travel Now, Pay Later” is an exciting offer now due to the pandemic.


These agencies have been extensively examined to provide you an option to enjoy a luxury tour within your reach. No matter how many websites you find on the internet, always look at reviews and feedback before you make your pick.