The Unspoken Trait Of Entrepreneurship

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You see, one of the greatest aspects of entrepreneurship is the personal development you experience in your journey. Entrepreneurship builds you and makes you grow as a person. In regards to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, there are specific characteristics you look out for.

When you ask around about the major traits that make a successful entrepreneur, you would often come across things like leadership, perseverance, ability to work under pressure and a high-risk environment, accountability, goal setting, short and long-term planning, and so on. But even though all of these characteristics are vital for entrepreneurs to possess, one quality hardly gets a mention, and that’s stubbornness. Don’t get me wrong here; stubbornness here connotes a positive trait rather than one.

It is a representation of an unshakable determination, with a shade of defiance. As an entrepreneur, when you come up with an idea, you don’t let anyone blur your vision or stop its fulfillment. Stubbornness is tenacity; it is sticking with the idea, it is a never say die attitude, and it is figuring how to keep moving forward.

There is a school of thought that believes entrepreneurship is a born trait, while other schools believe it can be thought. While I can’t pick a side, I do have one belief, and that is anyone who is not stubborn in a sense cannot be a successful entrepreneur.

The truth is that without this wisdom of stubbornness, you are less likely to succeed as an entrepreneur. Alone, stubbornness in entrepreneurship is not enough, but in addition to some of the traits mentioned above, you can build something different that will have a seismic impact. Mind you, not all stubborn entrepreneurs are successful, but all successful entrepreneurs are stubborn. Successful entrepreneurs are typically stubborn since building a new product or service often takes time, several doubts, and failures. This stubbornness allows them to build an idea out of nothing, source for funds, convince clients and employees that whatever vision the entrepreneur has conceived, it will become a tangible entity in the near future.

Entrepreneurs always hold a firm belief that their product or service will make life easier and make the world a better place. This stubborn trait allows them not to relent and persevere as the inevitable hurdles appear during the process of turning vision into reality.

Most people, however, may not support the idea that there is “good stubbornness,” most especially in entrepreneurship. But when you take a retrospective look at some of the entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their respective niche, you would agree that ability to hold on to your vision even in the wake of uncertainty can be a positive characteristic.

By our nature and our design, we are self-starters that go against the nor. We are resilient, and that makes us who we are. But everything works best when you combine all the traits together. As the saying goes “the good entrepreneurs create their ideas alone, successful entrepreneurs allow others to contribute.”

Entrepreneurs are a special breed. It is no surprise that people often say entrepreneurs live in a world of their own. In the wake of problems, entrepreneurs see opportunities, and when told not to do a particular thing, they often end up pursuing it. And when they succeed, they beam in joy, knowing it was their own stubbornness (in addition to other factors) that brought the results.

So much has been said about characteristics that make a successful entrepreneur. Whether it is creativity, passion, or competitive nature, they stand out from the crowd. But none of these characteristics alone make one a successful entrepreneur. Underneath the surface, there is one trait that is present in all successful entrepreneurs; stubbornness. So, the question for you is, how stubborn are you to achieve your entrepreneurship goals?