The Relentless Pursuit Of Greatness


What Does It Take To Become Great?

A common phrase Americans are familiar with is “make America great again,” It is a rallying call that people have come to embrace and connect with over the years. But one has to ask, what exactly does it mean to be great? How does one pursue greatness? Does it mean to be large in size, or to be of superior quality?

The pursuit of greatness has led several people down various paths in life. Most people have allowed certain things to become their benchmark for classifying greatness. Whereas some use wealth, others use fame and popularity. But none of these relates to being great, and despite what people will say those factors don’t define true greatness.

If you are on the path of finding greatness, be it as a personal endeavor or as an answer to a political cry, it is essential you know exactly what you are targeting, and know what true greatness is all about. The following gives you the perfect yardstick to measure greatness


Those who show compassion understand greatness. The ability to empathize and understand that everyone is going through a sort of pain or the other different from your own is a trait of greatness. Compassion can be exhibited in different ways, be it to children, or those less fortunate than yourself, or even to animals. Show compassion to those who are in need on a daily basis, and you will be on a path to greatness


Kindness is another prerequisite of greatness. Showing kindness is easy when things are great, but genuine kindness is exhibited when you go through a rough patch. The good thing about kindness is that it takes different shapes and sizes. From small acts such as sharing your umbrella for someone in the rain to more significant acts of kindness like donating to charity. Being kind is not an easy task, but if you consistently keep at it, you will become great in no time.


The ability to stay humble in all circumstances is a trait of a true great. Those who exhibit humility are always open to learning more about themselves without being condensing. They continually assess themselves and carry out self-reflection in order to become better humans.

greatness, happiness, fulfilmentLove

This is usually referred to as the greatest sign of greatness. The ability to love unconditionally, without any judgment or shady agenda is a clear indicator of greatness. A clear sign of greatness is the ability to love without expecting anything in return.


Understanding helps you to be more knowledgeable, not just in your field, but in all your endeavors. True understanding is putting your own needs aside to understand another person’s needs genuinely.

The five traits listed above are what makes a person great. If you want to be great, be humble, show true love, seek to understand, show compassion, and of course, kindness.