The Red, A Zombie Movie In Africa, To Be Released In 2021


Movie lovers who must have been watching a lot of Hollywood zombie movies would have noticed that whenever there is a doomsday scenario in movies, it is always limited to the US. Africa, as big as it is, is usually not well represented in most Hollywood apocalypse movies.

It might be that the fictional doomsday or end of the world calamity does not reach Africa, or the producers just don’t think Africans can survive them. Thankfully, that’s about to change with this new movie slated to be released to the cinemas next year.

The Red is one of the three major motion pictures that are currently in works at Bird Guild Pictures. Also, the Bird Guild Pictures is a fully-fledged Hollywood studio that is based in Nigeria and the UK. The studio has also scheduled the movie to hit the cinema sometime in 2021.

The Bird Guild Pictures Studio

Bird Guild Pictures, the first Hollywood studio in west Africa, has been making waves with its upcoming movies. Among these movies is the high budget fantasy flick titled “All is Calm Now.” Also, All is Calm Now has been nicknamed a Wakanda origin story. The fantastic movie was set in the actual city of ancient Benin. It also includes the long-awaited musical by L. S. Zeichner “Noir in 3 Mood.”

Introducing The Red

According to rumors surrounding the movie, the Red is not your average zombie movie. It is said to be the origin story of a superhero set in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

The production of this movie is meant to represent the entry of West Africa into mainstream cinema. Additionally, the movie is poised to have a celebrity cast.  However, the cast is yet to be known as there is no information about it.

The announcement of the movie is said to be partly inspired by the coronavirus pandemic. This is because the announcement came when cinemas all over the world have started opening their doors for the public.

To Wrap Up

The movie is set to be released in early 2021. Hence, it is expected to be on the list of blockbusters that have the potential to draw a large audience.

The producers think it could be the movie that will draw people out of their homes and back into the cinemas. Also, if you are a lover of apocalypse movies and you want to see an apocalypse scenario in Africa, then this is the movie for you.