The Nigerian Take on Winery

Photo by: Mykhailo Lukashuk

In an almost impatient climate, Nigeria has its own heaven of wineries. If you always knew its weather to be an impossible condition to ferment great alcohol, it didn’t stop Nigerians from pursuing great taste. The passion for fine wine is deep-rooted within the hearts of those who believe in good taste and good mood. Read more to know about the Nigerian take on winery.

The Nigerian Take on Winery

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Where It All Began…

Quite some time ago, the wineries in Nigeria did not produce the most impressive alcohol. People would say it was either lacking consistency or was not wholly tasteful. And those who dreamt of tasting the stars that champagne would genuinely make them relish began weaving hopes for bringing a change.

And so the star-gazers, who may or may not have inherited their grandpa’s winery or field, became the pioneers of bringing in a distinct flavor of the wine to Nigeria. If they didn’t already own a winery, they fulfilled their quest to establish high-grade wineries to attract tourists.

They took off to explore the world and those places that hold the most flavorful spirits and drinks. Many others stayed back with their family, planting and taking care of trees to get the right fraction.

The Nigerian Take on Winery

The Nigerian land, when dived into, would show the world colorful and impactful stories. Stories of effort and passion that built the individuals, their vineyards, and wineries into incredible sources of deliciousness.

And now that Nigeria is one of the world’s favorite tourist spots, wine-tasting is always on the top ten list of things to do! Travelers and bloggers from all over never leave its perimeters without visiting a winery at least once.


The Reign of Wineries

Because Nigeria is a favorite winery spot, its landscapes are highly competitive. As production processes are modernized, evolved, and made better, more international brands have injected into their market. Also, Nigeria now has its own brands lined in the top choices of drinks across the globe.

The Nigerian Take on Winery

Nigerian Special

Did you know that Nigeria has an enriched history of planting palm trees and extracting palm oil? There has always been conflicts and passion surrounding this, and so its people continued to cling to its culture. Now, there are acres of lands dedicated to extracting palm wine, famous for its premium taste. In fact, when you go for a true Nigerian bottle, pick up an Ogogoro or Palms for the best-tasted palm drink.

Beyond that, Nigerians have successfully fermented some of the best alcohols using the wildest ingredients, such as tropical fruits and ethnic spices.

When in Nigeria, relaxing on a beautiful sunset, fine dining with your beloved, or attending classy events deserve some excellent champagne. Not only do you get to spend quality time, but good alcohol indulges you into the moment.

Bottom Line

The unique and fresh aroma of Nigerian Wine imprints one’s heart with that of this country and its beauty. When you find yourself in this adventurous land, make sure to pair it with some of Nigeria’s exquisite meaty dishes. It is a match made in heaven!