The Importance Of Fashion Shows For Retailers

fashion shows

Winter is almost upon us, and we can already feel the coolness of the cold at our doorsteps. The rains are coming out almost every day, leaving us soaked and wet. Like the ecstatic wet grasses, every winter ushers in something equally fun and exciting for fashion enthusiasts; the winter collection.

In the last decade or two, fashion shows have had their fair share of praise and criticism. Ignorance and indifference have led to some form of popularity loss for fashion shows. However, the industry is turning a new leaf, and it seems those grim days are a thing of the past. If we choose to skip this year (for obvious reasons), last year and by extension, the first quarter of this year saw an increase in the importance of fashion shows.

The fashion industry thrives on competition, support, and community

Fashion shows have helped shed light on the people that matter in the fashion world and give a platform to new and aspiring artists. While fashion shows will always remain an essential part of the industry, very few people understand it. A couture show is an opportunity for the who is who in the industry to meet, mingle, and interact. Their presence alone bodes well for aspiring artists looking to launch a new design/collection. The fashion industry is what it is today thanks to the competition within the industry as well as support.

While unprecedented circumstances have seen the decline of shows in the last few months, we cannot ignore the benefits of traditional fashion shows.

Firstly, they give massive publicity. If any designer is looking for the fastest way to the top, he/she should look no further than the runway. There are lots of people/collectors/investors looking to dabble their hands on the next big thing. In some way, their interest in a product line could bode well for any designer.

Apart from traditional fashion shows, ready to wear fashion shows are becoming popular. In these shows, the designer goes for a private show to showcase the real products that would be sold in stores to intended buyers. In a nutshell, ready to wear fashion shows are becoming a trend event.

Mind you, despite their relevance, there are some myths about fashion shows. One of such is that online retailers and eCommerce sites find it challenging to benefit from fashion shows because they are quite expensive to run. On the one hand, the show is a costly affair. It demands a good number of collections as well as people ranging from models, makeup artists, stylists, and so on. But, the publicity that a fashion show will attract is second to none. The purpose of a fashion show is to tell the world that you are ready. It is a viable way for retailers to say to their customers, “we’ve prepped something good for you.”

Ready to wear fashion shows are becoming popular

These shows feature practical looks that casual consumers would like to purchase. More up and coming brands can take advantage of this benefit that ready to wear shows provide.

Now is the time for casual shoppers and fashion enthusiasts to come together and appreciate fashion. Whichever way you choose to look at it,  shows will remain a key part of the fashion industry. From big brands to eCommerce stores, everyone is starting to realize the importance of fashion shows, and will always choose it because it is a viable way to communicate what they have with customers.