The Gap Between Knowing And Doing


Although “Knowing” and “Doing,” may appear to be one and the same thing to lots of people, it is essential to know that both are completely different in what they mean and their application in life. There is a huge difference between what one should do and what one actually does. This is what essentially “The Knowing-Doing Gap” represents. Having knowledge can give one the illusion that we can do anything we have experience of. Still, such illusions are far from the truth. You see in life, having knowledge (Knowing) alone doesn’t deliver the result. Nevertheless, it is the application of knowledge (Doing) that brings your desired results.

“The Knowing-Doing Gap” could the difference between frustration and failure or complete freedom to achieve anything one desires.

Some people can’t tell the difference between Knowing and Doing, and this gap affects their lives in different ways. The question on your mind right now is “what causes this gap and how can I close?” Well, the answer is simply in the MIND.

Understanding The Gap

The mind is a powerful entity that controls our being and reality. The thing is, the mind is not stored up in one particular place in our body, but rather it is in every cell of the body. The mind is split into two parts; conscious and subconscious mind. While the conscious mind governs your senses and facilitates your decision making, the subconscious mind, on the other hand, is the emotional mind, and it receives directions, and thoughts from the conscious mind and all of these lead to the formation of your existing paradigms/programming.

Your programming is made up of beliefs, habits, and thoughts stored in your subconscious mind. Your programming starts from when you were a child. As a child, your subconscious mind is open to all information, whether good or bad, and it gathers all of this information via your senses. As a child, our programming allows to like the foods we like, speak the languages we speak, and so on. All of these programmings have stayed with us right from our childhood up to adulthood, and in turn, it affects the way we act, reason, and perceive things.

So, our programming, via the actions of our subconscious mind, creates the knowing-doing gap. But the great news is that you can change your paradigm/programming. Just like how you will do your personal computer, you can override your current programming and install a new one.

To change your existing programming, you don’t necessarily need to know what your existing programming is, all you need to know is the new programming you want to incorporate in your life. This is where the repeated application of knowledge, as well as action or behavior, come into play. Therefore, no matter how educated a person is, knowledge alone will not dictate success. Like energy, knowledge is static without movement. We must act on the knowledge in order to create a result. It is only when you change a , the behavior changes, and the results change. So, in other words, to improve the effect, you only need to change the cause.