The Four Ws To Hosting A Great Launch Party

launch party

For new businesses trying to find their way in a crowded market, nothing gets the proper attention, and people talking like a great party. Giving people the right kind of experience when you launch could be the difference between starting red hot or battling for survival in the first few months.

In planning for a launch party, you want to answer the what, who, when, and where. It goes without saying that cost and guests play a crucial role. You have to decide whether you want something a bit exclusive or not. For a launch party, you’ll want to invite journalists, key influences, investors, and potential clients. Once you have all that in check, here are four essential tips to ensure your launch party is a success.

Location is key

The launch party venue says a lot about your startup, so pick a venue that fits your business profile. Convenience is also an essential factor. You can select an accessible location that would be easy for your guests to locate. Throwing a launch party in areas of close proximity will increase the chances of people attending.

Pick a date

This might go against the rule, but your launch party should be on a Wednesday evening. Weekends might seem an ideal time, but your invited guests might have their weekend already booked. Choosing the middle of the week means you can get your guests at their freest times. Try to set the start time so guests can arrive immediately after work, and ensure you stick to time.

Get your invitation right

Go through social media, and ask around to find the right people that are a must for your launch party. You can also consider attrition by inviting more guests to ensure a good number of people attend.

Influences and key figures get lots of invites weekly, so ensure your invite stands out. There are easy tools you can use to make professional invitations with just a few clicks. You can also hire a designer to help you make one. Whichever method you go for, ensure you send the invite in advance, so your intended guests have ample time to adjust their schedule.

Wine and dine

What you wouldn’t want is people leaving your launch party just because of a lack of food and drink. Ideally, the best time for a launch party is in the evenings (around dinner time). A good number of persons would come on empty stomachs, so make sure they don’t leave the same way they came. Ensure there is plenty of food and drinks as well. You can even decide to have an open bar. But don’t get your guests too drunk; they need to remember what happened the next day.

Final Words

For consumer-based startups entering an already saturated market, hosting a memorable launch party will shed more light on your business, introduce your business to the right kind of people, give you a good media presence, and create an excellent first impression for your company.

Starting a business isn’t easy, so give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate. Remember to play it smart; after all, you want the headlines to be about your business and not something else.