The Correlation Between Relationships and Wine

wine and relationship

Wine and relationship are like two peas in a pod. Wine is known to be several things. For some, it is a means to happiness, for others, it is a way to relax and wind down. It has therapeutic properties, excellent for the heart, and wine is good for relationships as far as we know. For those who might doubt this, there is a science to back it back it up. There are several studies that show people in happy and committed relationships have wine as part of their secrets; they have a much higher life expectancy than single folks do.

But that’s not the only correlation between wine and relationships. There are lots of similarities about winemaking and relationships, and there’s a lot of lessons to learn from such alignment.

Physical appearances shouldn’t account for everything

If you are an avid wine drinker at one point or the other, you must have gotten a wine bottle because of the packaging, or eye-catching label, an eye-catching ad. But in the end, the wine didn’t match the physical appearance of the bottle. When it comes to wine, what counts is the bottle’s content, not the bottle itself. The quality of wine is dependent on the quality of grapes, the fermentation process, among other things.

Relationships are very similar. Lots of couples might have an outward image in events or in social media that would suggest that they have the ideal relationship. Everyone is looking happy, with all the smiles and charm. But remember, social media, or what you see in social gatherings, is just what people want others to see. The eye-catching social media feed is just like the eye-catching wine package. It looks good on the eye, but it doesn’t show you the content within.

If your relationship is lacking in one area or the other, it is completely normal. Most people are going through something similar, and they are scared of showing their imperfections, instead, they disguise them with false labels. Rather than overemphasize on the physical side of a relationship, build a good one from the inside.

Consistent attention

Good wine doesn’t come by chance, and it is not an overnight process. It is a continuous process that requires lots of attention. From when the grapes are picked, through to the moment the cork is placed, the art of winemaking is a delicate process that requires keen observation and attention.

Relationships share a similar platform. Like any good wine, a healthy relationship requires lots of effort at every stage, constant checking-in, and sound judgment. If you don’t observe when the wine is fermenting, you won’t get a glass of good wine. Similarly, if you don’t give your partner the right attention, you won’t build a healthy relationship.

Learning, refining, and adapting

Change is constant. A relationship goes through several changes, although its life span. A good winemaker and the right partner adapt to those changes and optimize accordingly. Just as a winemaker knows what yields the best wine, you should know what yields your best days in a relationship. Knowing this will help you make the right decisions that will create the best moments with your partner. Good winemakers are always focused on making their next product the best. So also you should make every day of your relationship better than the previous day. This requires adaptability, planning, and understanding even when the unexpected happens.

Final Words

Life is made up of several analogies that we can learn from and apply in our daily lives. Treat your relationship as you would your favorite bottle of wine, and you just might build something beautiful.