The Best At What They Do


Bukky  Karibi-Whyte

bukky karibi-whyte

Do you inspire yourself?

All the time. I talk to myself all the time; I pat myself of the back when I achieve something!

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by many things! I am inspired by amazing structures, I am inspired by art, I am inspired by music, I am inspired by people. My brain is wired different; I can look around me and see the greatness in many things.

How do you build an inspiration bank?

By taking all that knowledge and all that inspiration and remembering it. I apply to my daily life.

If you were your enemy how would you destroy you?

I would crush my energy. Then I would be gone. Poof!

What are the things that inspire you?

I kinda already answered this bit.

What problem of yours haven’t you solved?

I am a fixer. Haven’t you heard about me? I have solved all my problems. (ha haha!). I kid. Oh we all have problems and i usually take it to God to do the solving.

How do you think you can solve it?

Pray. Be Happy.

Who are the investors of your career?

God and Myself. I have no investors really other than the people that invest their time in my business such as my team, me, and my God!

What is the most important question you ask yourself?

How will I use what i have and all i know to inspire women (positively).