Technology Future Timeline – Part 3



Contributor: Odinekachukwu Ishicheli

Year 2017: Traditional Newspapers Are Becoming Obsolete

The Internet has continued to erode the market share held by other forms of media. Since passing television as the primary source of news reporting in developed nations, it has taken on more and more functions.

The vast array of sources now found online – coupled with growing advancements in mobile and other technologies – is heavily impacting the ratings for mainstream news stations. Online videos, blogs and web series are now seriously competing with the best and most watched TV shows.

Capital-intensive overheads, together with slumping ad sales, have been further contributory factors in the decline of large media companies. A number of newspaper corporations have already gone under, while others – including the New York Times and the Daily Telegraph – have been forced to transition to a digital form, in some cases at great monetary loss.

Slowly, newspapers throughout the developed world are becoming financially unsustainable and going out of print. The United States is leading this trend, where the collapse of the traditional newspaper has been most obvious. Following close behind are several countries in Europe. The UK and Iceland are the first in which newspapers begin to fall out of use. While physical news is still present in these countries, it is very sparse.

Newspapers will become obsolete in Australia by 2022, followed by Asia and South America, and finally Africa and the remaining countries beyond 2040.

Source: Future Timeline