Sustainable Agriculture: Better Crops for Nigeria

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Nigeria consists of highly fertile land, and it is optimum to grow diversified crops. The land is well supported by the two rivers, the Niger and Benue, which go straight through the heart of the country. There is no shortage of irrigation for the land, and it makes the lives of the farmers easier. Agriculture is one of the primary sources of livelihood for people residing in rural areas. The agricultural sector contributes largely to the economy of Nigeria, but it isn’t well looked after by the authority and government. The lack of proper technology and low development in farming techniques are some of the key barriers that need to be dealt with. Sustainable agriculture can be a great solution for the people living in the rural areas of Nigeria.

Sustainable Agriculture: Better Crops for Nigeria

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Choosing the Right Resources 

The timber of land varies from one region to another. Based on the quality of your land and the level of moisture, you have to choose different types of fertilizer. Using manure or cow dung is also an efficient way to ensure that you’re providing the proper set of minerals and nutrition to the land.

In modern times, farmers tend to put more focus on chemical and inorganic fertilizer. They tend to give quick and effective results on an uncultivated land, but in the long run, they hamper the overall quality of the land. Adapting to organic methods and naturally developed fertilizer is a better way to ensure that the quality of your land stays intact for a long period of time.

Harvesting Diversified Crops 

Drought is a leading issue in the countries of Africa. The dry and barren land during drought creates a distressful situation for the farmers. It is crucial to choose a variety of crops and make sure they’re resilient to drought. To step towards a sustainable agriculture, farmers need to opt for the correct crop to harvest in your land.

Cassava is the cash crop for Nigeria, but in order to thrive and build a better economy, different crops need to be cultivated as well. Crops such as sesame seed, pulses, seed cotton, cocoa beans, cowpeas, etc. need to be given equal preference to build a sustainable agricultural system.

Incorporating technology 

Developed countries have adopted modernized machines and techniques for farming efficiently. Precision farming is a method that allows farmers to identify specific locations in a certain area suitable for harvesting. Using this technology will reduce the hassle of farmers largely because they usually have to investigate miles of land to find a fertile location. Innovative sensors have also been created for keeping an eye on crops, allowing the farmers to stay alert even when they are not around them.

In the end, sustainable agriculture can be a great solution for the people living in the rural areas of Nigeria. It can be a gateway for them to not only thrive but also earn a significant amount of money to expand their horizons to other sectors.