Ghanaian footballer in Italy admits to the murder of his mom and sister in Parma

Solomon Nyantakyi murder

Ghanaian footballer Solomon Nyantakyi has admitted to the twofold murder of his mom and sister after he was captured by the police in Italy on Wednesday morning.

The previous Parma midfielder slaughtered his mom and sister by inflicting many stabbing injuries on Tuesday evening in the family home in Via San Leonardo in the city of Parma.

Solomon was ceased in the Central Station in Milan early toward the beginning of Wednesday by Police as he attempted to escape from Parma.

Twilight of addressing by the cops, the footballer gave in and conceded his obligation. Presently the prosecutor is setting up the firm argument against him.

The 21-year-old committed the gristly murder in the house where the entire family – the mother, father, two children and little girl lived.

The father was in London on business when the footballer broke the family bond with the grisly murder.

Solomon Nyantakyi’s 25 year-old brother, Raymond,  found the bodies as he returned home after his day of work.