Siri Answers Serious Life Questions


We might not all know her personally, but there sure are a whole awful lot of us who talk to her everyday. Who am I talking about? Siri, of course. She’s a beacon of knowledge, bounty of fun, and ball of energy (literally). She’s not too much of a trouble maker and she certainly has some good advice straight from the source–her home business called the iPhone. 

You can ask her absolutely anything and she’ll be able to come up with an answer in some shape or form. Particularly, when it comes to the hard questions, the tough ones, the life ones, this is Siri’s strength–she knows what’s up and she’ll tell you what that is. Honestly, who needs friends in the 21st Century when Apple may as well have call our phones the iFriend? S(iri)ously. 

But, just in case you’re not familiar or don’t have a Siri of your own, take a look through this list of important life questions answered by Siri–you’ll see what I’m getting at regarding her rad-ness. 

1. Siri, why are we here? 

“I don’t know, maybe the Genius Bar folks can answer that.” 

Serious Life Questions Answered By Siri
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Ohhh Siri, you kidder, you. 

2. But Siri, what’s the point? 

“Okay check it out–The Point! is a fable by American songwriter and musician Harry Nilsson about a boy named Oblio, the only round headed person in the pointed village, where by law everyone and everything must have a point…”

Serious Life Questions Answered By Siri
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This is literally blowing my mind, Siri, you knew exactly what I was talking about!

3. Will there ever be world peace, Siri? 

“Herm, let’s see, here’s what I found on the web…”

Serious Life Questions Answered By Siri
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That question makes Siri a little touchy…

4. What is love? 

“I can’t answer that.”

But why?

“An excellent question but I’d rather not say.”

I’ll rephrase: do you believe in love? 

“I don’t have beliefs, only ontologies.” 

Serious Life Questions Answered By Siri
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Okay Siri, okay, we’ll move on.