See the winners of the Travel Photographer of the Year award


Travel Photographer of the Year competition is now over so if you planned to enter your spectacular vacation pictures, it’s too late because overall Travel Photographer of the Year in 14th year of the contest was Portuguese talent Joel Santos. 

 That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the works of photographers who were selected from 123 countries this year. Winning images which included a snow-streaked Manhattan street and a donkey caravan snaking across Ethiopia’s desert spanned categories including cities and architecture, people and culture and wildlife.

Accord to reports;

Winner Santos work includes a dramatic shot of Ethiopia’s lava-spewing Gateway to Hell and candid snaps of a Ghanaian fisherman at work.

Self-taught 14-year-old photographer Darpan Basak was named Young Travel Photographer of the year for his vibrant depiction of the excitement of fishing in India. Judges commended his storytelling prowess.

Other spell-binding winners include Ruiyuan Chen’s powerful portraits of ethnic Yi people from China’s Daliang mountains, which won the Mankind category, and a tender series of fox images on a windswept New Jersey beach by Courtney Moore, who won the 15 to 18-year-old Places and Experiences category.

Shutterbugs from over 123 countries entered the prestigious annual contest and the winning images can be seen at TPOTY exhibitions at the UK City of Culture Celebrations in Hull, from May to June 2017, and at the University of Greenwich, London, from August to September, 2017.

Here are our top ten winning entries of the Travel Photographer of the Year 2016 (TPOTY) competition.

Ruiyuan Chen from China was the winner of the Mankind portfolio with powerful portraits of the ethnic Yi people who live in great poverty in the Daliang Mountains, Sichaunprovince, China
Captured between Sichuan and Tibet, a young child was the star of this image taken by Zijie Gong, who was a runner-up in the Young TPOTY 15-18 category
Portuguese photographer Joel Santos took the crown as overall Travel Photographer of the Year. This image of an Ashanti fisherman was taken on Lake Bosumtwi, Ashanti, Ghana
An image of a flamingo at Prague Zoo taken by Magdaléna Straková was given a special mention in the Wildlife & Nature category
The one-shot award went to Biran Zhao for this snap taken in Baiyu County, Ganzi, SichuanProvince, China. Every morning, the nuns walk aroundthe mountain. Judges said: ‘The early morning light catching part of the mountain defines and shapes this image, creating the atmosphere and framing the moment in light. The image is unusual, captivating and intriguing, leaving the viewer asking questions as to what the scene depicts’
Lluís Salvadó from Spain won the Best Single Image in aJourneys & Adventures portfolio for this fiery snap taken at the festival of San Anton at San Bartolomé de Pinares, Spain
This adorable snap of a young bear cub playing with a stick in Kamchatka, Russia, by Marco Urso from Italy was given a special mention in the Wildlife & Nature category
 Travel Photographer of the Year
The eruptions of Batu Tara volcano on Komba Island, Indonesia, were photographed by Martin Siering from Germany and received a special mention in the Land, Sea, Sky category
Mysterious and ancient celebrations in the forests on the Falakro mountain in Greece were the subject of Panos Laskarakis’ Mankind portfolio. He was a runner-up in this category
 Travel Photographer of the Year
At 18-years-old Courtney Moore from the US won the Young TPOTY 15-18 for this tender shot of a windswept fox being pelted by sand on Island Beach State Park, New Jersey, USA