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Labule caters to the needs of today’s emerging African cosmopolitan consumers with the best of our traditional cuisines from Amala to Tuwo, Ofada and Gbegiri. Located at No 42 A, Ogudu Road Ogudu GRA.
Labule Labulelabule


Smokey Bones

8B Fabac Close, Off Ligali Ayorinde (Behind Mobil House)

If you want to savour the most amazing intercontinental and local meals in Lagos, then you want to try Smokey Bones. The meals range from English and American delicacies down to the local staple foods.

Smokey Bones

Smokey bones



Yahuza Suya Spot Abuja

There is something about getting that hot foil wrap in your hands and then you open it and the aroma of freshly bbq beef kebab with kulikuli pepper and onions hits you. Customers claim the taste of the chicken suya is unmatched and the one located at the Dreams Garden, Abuja is the best. They also have Gizzard & Kidney suya.

Yahuza Suya Spot


yahuza Suya Spot


Cold Stone Creamery

Ice cream made just as you like it. They have a good number of creamy flavours and a wide variety of mix-ins start  so you can create your personalized ice cream experience

One reviewer puts it like this: “Let’s forget that they are sometimes so silly and don’t actually have certain flavours. I’d like to confirm that YES! It is indeed worth the hype. I mean, in what world do you actually get to create your own ice cream? It’s really an experience. Worth every kobo.

coldstone creamy

cold stone

cold stone



Fresh fish, Fresh tiger prawns, Shrimps, Lobster, Crabs, Dried fish, Crayfish, is the space for more? Yes! Periwinkles, Snails, Clam- all these go into the incredible Efik fisherman soup and the one place everyone seems to be pointing to when it comes to getting it at it’s best is at the Lake side hotel, Tinapa.




For all sushi lovers we hear Bungalow Restaurant is said to serve the most tasty sushi dish in Lagos. Located at Plot 1296 Akin Adesola Street | Victoria Island, Lagos.



Southern Fried Chicken

For many, there is food and then there is chicken and for years if not decades, TFC or De Tastee Fried Chicken Nigeria LTD) has been and is still the place to go for fast food fried chicken cooked in a variety of ways. Like they say “They {really} do chicken right especially its Southern fried crispy chicken and the spicy charcolite chicken- they also have barbecue chicken, chicken kebab, slow roast chicken and more.

Tastee fried chicken






Succulent burgers

Johnny Rockets provides a classic all-American experience. hey have 11 different kinds of burger and they are all very popular.  Johnny Rockets famous hamburgers are made with 100% fresh, never frozen, all-natural beef seasoned and made to order, from THE ORIGINAL: This is the one that started it all in 1986, on Melrose Ave., in Los Angeles. Fresh shredded iceberg lettuce, tomato, chopped onions, relish, pickle, mustard & mayonnaise to THE STREAMLINER: award winning meat-free hamburger features Boca® Burger, grilled onions, shredded lettuce, fresh tomato, pickles & mustard.

1411 Adetokunbo Ademola | Victoria Island, Lagos 234, Nigeria





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