Restaurants With Good Wine in Lagos

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Lagos is a city of life and colors. It is a city that is enriched with ancient and contemporary West African culture. Vacationing in Lagos can give you experience and knowledge of the African lifestyle that will stay with you forever. Lagos is also a great spot for wine connoisseurs.

If you want to enjoy a good relaxing dinner with great wine during your trip to Nigeria, you will have plenty of options to choose from. The restaurants can be continental, international, jazz-themed, or traditional. What they have in common is a drinks menu that flaunts a great selection of the finest wines.

Restaurants With Good Wine in Lagos

If you are planning a trip to Lagos, then do check out these restaurants and cafes for the best dinner and wine experience.

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Terra Kulture

Terra Kulture is Lagos’s cultural hub for premier arts, traditional cuisine, and all things Africa. It has been the top promoter of West African arts and culture ever since 2004. Enjoy your time in Terra Kulture, sipping on great wines and observing traditional and contemporary Nigerian artworks, or attending exhibitions and theatres.

Restaurants With Good Wine in Lagos

Bungalow Restaurant

For a global gastronomy experience, you can try out the Bungalow restaurant. It has a great selection of wines brought in from Europe and South Africa. It is also the best global gastronomical restaurant in Lagos. With a wide range of global menu consisting of  Nigerian, Japanese, American food, and comforting interior design, you can order your food through the iPad on your table. There is also live jazz music that adds to the lively mood of the restaurant.

Restaurants With Good Wine in Lagos


Talindo Steakhouse

It hardly gets better than a good steak dinner. And a good wine or whiskey has always made the steak better. Talindo steak house has a great collection of fine wine and the food is also great. They have a very comfortable and fancy interior, finished with ebony and white colors. If you are new to the place, the staff will help you choose your meal and make sure you enjoy your time. It is a perfect place for dates.


D Cafe

Another great place with international food and an amazing winery. The D cafe is a good spot to hang out or relax after the day is done. You can choose your poison from their assorted drinks menu that shows their detailed collection and have a good meal from either of their multinational cuisines. They have a great menu featuring American, British, Lebanese, Mediterranean food, and lots more.


The Wine Club Lagos

Everything we listed thus far is for tourists and amateurs. Now, let’s talk about what a real connoisseur can do in Lagos. The wine club is simply a social club where wine lovers and connoisseurs from all over the world get together for tastings, consultations, and everything good about wine.

They have a knack for organizing wine tastings in different and unusual spots through Lagos. So you are sure to have a good time with them.

Bottom Line

Wine is a form of art and a must addition to a good trip if you want to enjoy your time. Check out the fine restaurants and bars throughout Lagos and taste their wine to make your Nigerian trip memorable.