Reasons Why Live Chat Is Vital For Business

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Here is a question for you, how do you see the live chat option on eCommerce sites or business websites? Do you see it as a great way of getting the answers you require, or you see it for its shady automated responses? Whichever side you choose, you would see there are lots of people who love utilizing It and others who simply would not even dream of giving it a go. Live chat may frequently divide opinions, but as small as it is, it has more benefits than you might think.

Despite the different feelings about it, analysis shows that when done correctly, live chat for eCommerce sites, generate more sales, more customer loyalty, and in addition, high order values.

Live chat for eCommerce sites allows site visitors to have access to valuable customer support, even before they become actual customers, and it also allows them to gain personal sales advice that would have been difficult to get online.

It is important to know that 92% of all live chat interactions occur before a shopper eventually gets to the cart. What this shows is that customers are willing to engage the company on an interactive level when they are pondering on making a purchase.

There is the need to ask why live chat is a useful tool when it comes to facilitating purchases? We’ve streamlined the answer to that question to four factors. These factors are highlighted below;

1) Shoppers online require a human touch

A live chat for pure eCommerce companies is the avenue for shoppers to have a proper interaction with the company.

The buck doesn’t just stop with companies with only online stores. Generally, shoppers view businesses that provide the live chat option for their eCommerce sites as more beneficial, helpful, approachable, and customer-oriented.

This is an open secret that online stores are gradually on the ascendancy and are rapidly taking over physical stores as regards some certain commodities such as household essentials. But despite this rise, customers still fear that they won’t have the convenience to physically interact with the salespeople or customer care rep during their decision making. It is at this moment Live chat comes into play to eliminate such fear and worries.

In addition, statistics also show that 41% of shoppers prefer live chat or any other form of support system. With such glaring reviews and also the fact that live chat helps to decrease shopping cart abandonment, utilizing live chat for your online stores makes perfect sense.

2) It brings in the sense of value and security

Shoppers make online purchases frequently, do so because they have developed a particular level of trust for the company and site they are buying from. Buying an item shows trust and commitment, and this commitment is even more evident when it involves a high-level purchase.

Thanks to the sterling efforts of online stores in making their services reliable and secure, commitment and trust have grown significantly in just a few years. There is still room to improve on services so as to reassure higher value shoppers.

With statistics showing that about 55% of shoppers are more likely to stop their online purchase if they don’t receive a quick answer to their questions, it is vital for eCommerce companies to provide a simple but yet effective way for shoppers to get the answers they seek.

There is more risk generated by giving out money online on an item you would get to see in a couple of days than handing out money for an item you can get immediately on a physical store.

Live chat provides a way customers can get reassurance on a commodity they are considering buying. Also, the human interaction helps to cultivate an environment of trust in the business they are engaged with.

The stats show that 63% of people who use between $250-$500 online for purchases in a month are more likely to buy and also be loyal to companies that provide live chat.

This also means they are committed to spending more, and they are happy about it. Shoppers who spend high online are more likely to buy from online stores that offer a live chat option. In addition to that, they are likely to show loyalty to the one who provides a great buying experience.

3) The largest online buying force enjoy live chat

In present times, the largest buying power is held by the younger generation and millennials. It is no hidden secret that young shoppers, whether GenZ or Generation Z, hold a massive influence when it comes to your online business.

A recent study shows that millennials purchasing power more than 50 billion naira  Nigeria. Those born after 2000 ( GenZs) hold a purchasing force of at least 500 million naira, with 66 percent of teens regularly shop online.

Live chat is something the younger generation agrees with and connect with. They also would make use of it more than older online shoppers. A recent study showed that one-fifth of GenZ and millennials claimed to have utilized Live chat regularly, compared to persons that are above 55 years, half of whom claim they’ve never used the live chat option.

4) A good customer experience creates loyalty

Although it looks pretty straightforward, it is actually true. This rule applies to every form of business, not just eCommerce alone. Customers who get a great experience with any business will most likely become a loyal customer.

Building customer loyalty should be the utmost priority for all businesses. Reports show that as small as a 5% increase in customers retained, it can create up to a 95% increase in profits—this high value in brought by repeat customers and purchases as well as through recommendations from satisfied customers.