“Brotherhood is a sacred entity” says Creative Director of Orange Culture, Adebayo Oke-Lawal who recently paid a special tribute to his “amazing” brother Abisoye Oke-Lawal in his latest story book feature, “My Brother”. “There is no slipping out of character between us (Adebayo says about Abisoye) . I am me, as I am first thing in the morning and before I go to sleep every night. He is, just as he is- as I know him to be, as the clock fulfils its daily agenda of shifting time. There is no need to be someone else when you are sure you are loved.” Adebayo’s word reverberates the essence of the brand- Orange Culture (founded in 2011) which is in itself is a “sacred movement” more than a clothing line, reserved for a creative class of men who he describes as “self aware , expressive, explorative, and art-loving nomads. Adebayo’s work which advocates being together but not the same exploits the colour orange which he once described as the culture of individualism and his creations has taken him around the world, from Europe to America with features in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Financial Times and now Made of course amongst many others. Who would believe this all started with a 10-year-old boy, a few sketches and a dream?



Where does your artistic influence come from and when did you start making cloths?
My artistic influences come from a range of things that have an emotional impact on me as a person – sometimes positively sometimes otherwise. These emotionally influences could come from things I feel, see or experience – So in a sense my emotions are a huge influential factor. My cultural background and the way I grew up also have a huge part to play in the way I present the brand artistically.
I started designing when I was 10 but started my brand April 2011.

What colours should we be wearing right now?
My advice may not be trendy but the colours that come to mind for me are more of blues, purples, reds and if print were a colour , that would be my first option haha.

What’s the most ethical thing we can do for this Spring?

MADE: When it comes to fashion, is less truly more or more is more?
Find a balance – thats my candid opinion.

What kinda of moments are we having in the Nigerian fashion land scape and in Africa as a whole?
The fashion industry is finally being seen as a hub for undiscovered talent. A hub for undiscovered client base. A hub for possible investment. So its a great time to be a part of the growing industry.

Are you tailored and tight or loungey and loose?
LOL, tbh it depends on my mood – sometimes I am really tailored and tight and other times I’m very loungey.

What’s the top jacket for spring?
Orange culture organza jackets.

You have been in the business going to over 5 years, well you must have seen it all by now wouldn’t you agree? Who and what excites you about fashion in Nigeria?
Haha! I have definitely not seen it all – every year is a year of discovering, new facets to the industry and that is what’s really exciting – how rapidly its growing.

“…life is too short to do something for any other shallow reason”

What has been the true struggle for the brand and how can the Government support?                                                                                                                              Financial support really – it’s been tough and textile development here is still a bit problematic. Government needs to provide more opportunities for the creative industry to be funded; funded well enough to compete internationally and also support textile manufacturing set ups in Nigeria.

MADE: Why is the Nigerian fashion Industry so divided and what can be done to solve this?
I actually think it is converging especially with this new generation and not as divided as it used to be.


In your opinion, why is the standard of creative output not meeting the standards of the rest of the world and how can we change it?                                                  The skill set necessary isn’t existent and it all starts from the foundation – lack of education and skills development programs for fashion design.

MADE: Should we be expecting a store from you soon?
When it comes, it comes.

We honestly love everything from Orange Culture but we think it’s say to ask if we need to take a loan to afford one of your amazing creations?
LOL! We have a diffusion line as well as our luxury line. All I can say is whatever you buy will be worth it.


We don’t doubt that it will. Right now, there are so many new songs out, can you tell us what song you currently listening to on repeat?
In Time – FkaTwigs.

Wow! we didn’t see that coming. Ok and what should you buy right now, today?
Orange culture Adesuwa print jacket LOL!

MADE: What fashion stores are you totally obsessed with right now?
OKE-LAWAL: Gyre shopping center in Tokyo.

MADE: Can you tell us what to expect from your new collection?
I actually can’t because I honestly do not know – just be open minded

MADE: So what advice would you give some one just planing to start their fashion label?
Make sure you are in it because you can’t live without doing it – life is too short to do something for any other shallow reason.