Opinion Piece: Why Do I Love Wine?

love wine

A good wine is its own reward. It is a story in a bottle, a time machine that transports you to a different time and place. While there are other products that can do this, not all can give you that experience that wine gives you. Wine is pleasurable. A sip of your favorite wine is a journey that starts right from the bottle. As you take a sip, you perceive that sweet aroma through the nose and feel its texture on your palate. Below are a collection of reasons why I love wine.

Luxurious taste

I am not going to fabricate a story and tell you wine is the best thing I have ever tasted. Wine can be naturally sour, and sometimes the taste might not come off so well. But this is what I love about it. Wine balances bitterness, fruitiness, sweetness, and acidity in a subtle but yet tasty way. Generally, if you are into wine, you’ve already embraced the idea that drinks go beyond the sweet taste you get on your lips. There is always something more.

I can enjoy it in small portions

While having a glass of wine isn’t like running a marathon, drinking wine in small amounts has its benefits. By small amounts, I mean a glass or two a day. There are several studies that show that wine drinkers have a low mortality rate than non-drinkers. The single fact that wine is an ingredient for a long life is one of the many reasons why I love it. Remember to enjoy it in small amounts.

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Different array of flavors and aroma

Ever taste a grape juice, then a grape wine? The difference is palpable. The juice tastes nothing like the wine in any shape or form. During the fermentation stage of the winemaking process, lots of aromatic compounds are formed. These compounds add flavor and aroma to wine. The exciting thing is that when you learn how to taste wine properly, you will learn how to appreciate wine. You will also improve your ability to identify quality wine.

There is so much to know

No matter what you know think you know about wine, there is still so much to know (this is a great thing). In as much as wine is simple to learn on the surface, it is actually a deep topic. Those that have given their lives to the art of winery know that it is impossible to know everything about wine. Every bottle has a story. Every bottle offers a chance to go deeper into various cultures and traditions. Every wine is a part of the earth, if you want to learn more about various cultures and places, then never stop drinking.