Who should ever hear that a country with over 150 million people is at a very high risk of an impending water crisis? Nigeria at 54 still struggles to provide the basic amenities needed by its people but sadly, the said ”country” has more than just water crisis to handle. This, however, has forced the Nigerians to seek out other ways to provide their basic amenities that the government is meant to provide which an example is water. The supply of water in particular by the government to the households as the consumers is close to non if not non as must people turns to sinking of boreholes for easier, better and safer access to portable water. 

Apparently, not all pockets are of same size and weight (if you know what we mean) which makes some to turn to buying of water daily or when needed at alarming costs or get water where its not necessarily pure because of some guessable circumstances.

Come to think of it, this impending water crisis has been ticking for quite some years now, and absolutely nothing has been done to highly improve the situation. Maybe when the next ten generations arrives, Nigeria would change but before then, we cant and would not STOP demanding and acting in the direction for a change.