Nigerian Fashion Industry | A New Hype!


Bright colors, native vibes, and a dash of culture, the Nigerian fashion industry is a new hub for fashion enthusiasts. Fashion has been an essential part of expressing the ethnicity of Nigerian people. Over the last few decades, Nigerian fashion intakes have gone through a lot of changes. The constant push and homegrown talents of fashion revolutionists have put the name of Nigerian fashion in the elite list of the fashion world. With the industrial emergence, new fashion trends are bringing extra hypes among Nigerians. Here, we are going to list some of the latest trends in the Nigerian fashion industry.

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Puffed Sleeves 

Nigerian Fashion Industry | A New Hype!

Need to spice up your life with fashion drama? Puffed sleeves ruled 2019 and is now back with more drama. The best part is, you can slay in puffed sleeve dresses, blouses, tops, or with any designs. You can wear this style with jeans, leggings, skirts, or with anything you like. This could be the new addition to your wardrobe for weddings or parties.

Suits Everywhere

Nigerian Fashion Industry | A New Hype!

2020 will be the year of suits. Suits have been a major influence in Nigerian menswear. However, with a different infusion, more and more females are choosing suits for their day-to-day fashion. Ohimai Atafo, a renowned Nigerian tailor, founded Mai Atafo, which is constantly delivering bespoke tailored suits for men. Their women section is also filled with lucrative suit designs.

Slay In Fringe 

Nigerian Fashion Industry | A New Hype!

This trend has taken over the closets of celebrities by storm. Fringe styled dresses are amusing, do not specify any age group, and add a bold move to your style. Designers have used fringes with diverse styling from gowns to jumpsuits. You can always choose the fringe style for weddings or parties without worrying too much.

Orange is The New Gold 

Nigerian Fashion Industry | A New Hype!

Style and color go hand in hand. Nigerian culture has always been represented through bright and rich colored clothes. After the hype for neon, orange seems to be the new go-to choice for many designers in Nigeria. Different shades of orange are thriving with fashionistas, from streetwear to night glams.

The Comeback of Pleat 

Pleated dresses were major hits back in the ‘40s and ‘50s. For the elegant style and comfort, the housewives in that era were seen wearing pleated dresses on a regular basis as well as on special occasions. The best part is, this style of dresses can be an easy fit for Nigerian women with any body type.

Glam and Sequins


It has been proven that fashion enthusiasts are sequin-obsessed. You will observe the glittery decals in both men and female clothing this year. It is time for you to embrace the glamour and shine bright like stars.

Final Thoughts 

The fashion world is constantly changing, and Nigerian fashion trends are adding new dimensions there too. Day after day, new trends are leading to the creation of exciting looks among Nigerian fashion enthusiasts. These trends will rule the entire 2020 without any doubt. If you want your wardrobe to be diverse, you should look into these trends and stay a step ahead of others!