Nigerian Destinations for Art Lovers

Photo by: Charles Harker

Though there are not many ways of telling from the outside world, Nigeria has a wild and lively scene for art and culture from the African heritage. The Nigerian art scene is booming, and it keeps growing, as the artists and curators are always making new creative breakthroughs.

Nigerian Destinations for Art Lovers

The art and culture scene in Nigeria is not limited to just galleries or museums, they also have themed restaurants, alternative galleries, interactive arts, art fairs, and many more. These artistic venues are great spots to observe and learn about Nigerian and African aesthetics and culture. They also offer a safe space for newcomers and upcoming artists to express their creativity.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Nigeria.

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Nok Terracotta Village

If you want to see the source of all the famous nok sculptures you see in museums around the world, this is the place for it. Although most of the sculptures are not there anymore, the village will connect you to the lost ancient civilization that shaped the art and culture of West Africa. People from all around the world visit this fantastic place, which seems to be stuck in time.

Nigerian Destinations for Art Lovers

Susan Wenger’s Cultural Groove

If you are a fan of the visual arts, this place is a must-visit. Designed by the Austrian-Nigerian artist Sussan Wenger, who also influenced the Osogbo festival of Yeye Osun. Wenger made hundreds of life-sized sculptures and arts all around the ‘Osun-Osogbo’ groove. She also revived the ancestral worship of the Osogbo River. The aesthetics and environment of the groove have a mystic aura that is sure to entice you to learn about the ancient Nigerian cultures.

Nigerian Destinations for Art Lovers

Thought Pyramid in Wuse, Abuja

To appreciate Nigeria’s contemporary art, you can visit the Thought Pyramid, which is like an “alternative gallery.” This gallery tries to blend the creative, traditional, and commercial sides of Nigerian culture and make its mark on the global scenery. The gallery also informs people about “established artists and art movements” going on. It is recommended to visit the Thought Pyramid on World Art Day, when they showcase works of around 40 artists.

Terra Kulture of Victoria Island

The one-stop cultural center of Nigeria, the Terra Kulture is an award winning destination for arts and culture. With regular displays of the most renowned names of the country, around 30 exhibitions, classes for local languages, and African food, it is the best place to learn about Africanism.

Bottom Line

Art and creativity reflect a nation’s people and its heritage. Nigeria is brimming with art that reflects the cultural, historical, and contemporary sides of West Africa. If you want to keep track of what’s happening in Nigerian culture, you can follow the different art fairs that go on. The Art X, Lagos is a good place to start.