Most Healthy Nigerian Foods for Weight Loss

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Mercy Johnson, a famous Nollywood actress and a mother of 3 books super gorgeous after a drastic weight loss. Mercy shared some top secrets to her weight loss journey where her first secret included “A good diet”. Many diet followers often complain about their country’s local food being too rich in carbohydrates, fats that hamper diet plans. Whereas if you look around, you’ll realize Nigeria is a place full of natural and healthy foods, getting into shape is much easier here. What most probably goes wrong is the preparation of your food and the quantity you intake every day. Read out this article to kniow more about healthy Nigerian foods for weight loss.

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Best Nigerian Foods for Weight Loss

Diet gets easier if you use healthier ingredients and intake adequate quantities according to your diet chart.  Here are some Nigerian foods that can accompany you to reduce weight and feel more confident than ever.

Moi Moi

A low-calorie recipe and a staple weight loss food for Nigerians is Moi Moi. You can cook Moi Moi with eggs, prawns, fish or corned beef and serve with fresh fruits or vegetables to reap all the benefits of this healthy, delicious food. Moi Moi is basically steamed bean pudding.

Beans are one of the best Naija foods for weight loss. Beans are often referred to as nutritional powerhouses. What makes beans an impeccable food for weight loss is, it contains very low fat. Moreover, beans stave off hunger longer and give you a steady supply of energy for longer periods. to these healthy beans for making our weight loss journey a bit easier.

Most Healthy Nigerian Foods for Weight Loss

Ewedu Soup

Ewedu soup is an extremely famous Nigerian soup mostly among the Yoruba ethnic group. This green leafy edible vegetable can work amazingly in your weight loss journey. Ewedu is highly nutritious and takes only minutes to prepare. Ewedu soup only requires 3-4 ingredients so no worries about running out to the grocery frequently. This dish can be accompanied by stew, meat, or fish. A bowl of Ewedu soup contains only 87 calories. Not just these Ewedu leaves are great for making soups, you can also try making smoothies after work-out and apply the blended leaves as a face mask.

Most Healthy Nigerian Foods for Weight Loss

Ofada Rice

Most Healthy Nigerian Foods for Weight Loss

Diets get worse when you intake a lot of carbs. Studies show that white rice is one of the major causes of weight gain and obesity. Ofada rice is a popular Nigerian brown rice which tastes luscious. Not only does it taste delicious, but it also helps lose weight ultra-fast. Because this grain is unpolished, it contains higher fiber for better digestion. Ofada rice is better than white rice as it contains higher protein content, higher minerals but lower carbohydrate content. As this Ofada rice is popular in Nigerian homes and requires just 2 basic ingredients, kick-start your dieting plan from today itself!


Nigeria is so good at serving its people with natural health foods that dieting gets easier. Okpa is popular in the eastern region of Nigeria. This can be an everyday healthy morning breakfast. You can have it with a cup of green tea, yogurt, biscuits, coffee, or any dietary food. Okpa is a complete nutritious food itself because it contains carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and other minerals too. What more is, you just need to add some pepper, salt, and palm oil to cook so no more added extra calories other than the oil. You can use turmeric if you are willing to avoid palm oil.


Bottom Line

Don’t run for quick solutions by taking weight loss drugs and supplements. That’s more dangerous resulting in more weight gain after a couple of months. Stick to your healthy home foods for better results.