Monetizing Your Talent

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Monetizing your talent. It may seem impossible to make a living out of your talent. Well not Really! You could make a living out of your talent. For the next couple of minutes, this piece of writing will give some practical tips and guides on how this monetization could be achieved.

Discovering The Talent

If you’re like me of 5 years ago, you may ask: How do I discover my talents? It’s quite easier to discover than you may think. It could be anything: normal daily events; sports, public speaking, drawing, writing, and so on. Others could be exceptional things: in my opinion, easily understanding data structures in programming is one of such.

To discover any talent, one needs to be honest in answering these questions:

What activities do I carry out easily and enjoy; even outside of daily work?

What activities can I spend much time doing without any help; even resulting to losing track of time?

Monetizing Your Discovered Talent

Now, to the main point of this. How do I make money from this talent of mine? How do I make a living out of it? Here are some possible ways; gathered from practical research, and based on some real life experiences:

Education Is Needed Anywhere

Some people may not accept this but teachers are important, good ones especially. People seek more knowledge everyday. You can offer lessons and teach as many people as possible. If you get really good at this, people will refer you to their friends, and their friends to other friends. With modern age technology, teaching can be a passive source of income. You just have to make really good videos; practically showing people how to do what you do best. At this rate you could be getting much more than you think out of your lessons.

Work As A Life Coach

This could fall under teaching, but ever thought of being a life coach? If you do something so uniquely, there are extremely rich people out there, looking for who can offer some form of daily motivation and consultation; to them or even their kids. Present yourself well, and show what you’re capable of.

For The Artists/Writers

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If your talent is something related to art: drawing, prose, writing drama scripts, photography; then you can easily sell your artistic work! As a freelancer you just need to get a portfolio or put your work in order and make services available too. If you observe, almost every home has some piece of art these days; people are interested in the beauty of art! Also, for those into music you can get some studio time and convert those hours of recording into copies of digital music you can sell.

For the writers, you could start a blog and make money from it. If you discover you’re into writing; start a very nice blog, maintain consistency in your posts, scale up, and eventually hire other writers. You can generate good passive income from having blogs that also have ads.

Scalability, What Next?

After choosing whatever way you want to make money from your talent, you also have to promote your work and make money from already produced content. Make use of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; keep a good amount of daily posts. You can also use blogs to show the world what you do and the services you can offer. Paid ads provided by Facebook, Twitter, and Google; are another way of promoting your work.