Locally Made Nigerian Drinks to Love

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Whether it comes to fashion, art, or cuisines, Nigeria has a wealth of diversity to offer. And this is especially true for its local food and drinks. If you’re curious about what kind of nigerian drinks Nigerians like to have, here are a few that you should definitely look into!


Zobo is a cold, refreshing drink made from dried Roselle plant flowers that can be spiced with garlic and ginger or sweetened with pineapple and other fruits. A glass of bright red Zobo can help you regain strength and energy to face the day.

Roselle or sorrel leaves are dried to make the beloved concoction. Its dark beet red color makes it great to serve at parties. Not only will it refresh your guests, but it is also delicious and affordable. This is because rosellas are easy to grow in most soil types.            Rosellas are also jam-packed with health benefits. It is packed with 5 different types of vitamins, (A, B1, B2, B9, and C) and minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron.

Zobo, made from rosellas, can therefore be used to lower cholesterol levels, aid weight loss, control blood pressure, strengthen veins and arteries, relieve stress, calm the nerves, and boost your libido. Only pregnant women in their first trimester are asked not to drink it for fear that it might result in a miscarriage.

Locally Made Nigerian Drinks to Love

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Kunnu Aya

Kunnu Aya is made from tiger nuts, which are abundant in Nigeria. Like Zobo, it can be spiced up with garlic or ginger, but unlike Zobo, it can be sweetened with dates or honey. Tiger nut milk is made by soaking tiger nuts in water, blending the mixture, and straining the liquid out until there is no milk left. The nutty drink is served cold, and like Zobo, some consider Kunnu Aya to be an aphrodisiac.

Like rosellas, tiger nuts also come with a host of health benefits. It is rich in nutrients because it is high in fiber that may improve digestion, reduce blood sugar levels, improve heart health, and boost your immune system. While you can have tiger nuts raw, roast them for trail mix, or use them as a gluten-free replacement for flour in baked goods, we think having them as Kunnu Aya is the most delicious way!

Locally Made Nigerian Drinks to Love

Palm Wine

The most popular local drink for traditional celebrations, Palm wine is used to carry out several rites, such as prayers to the ancestors before a village meeting. It can be alcoholic and non-alcoholic and is a valuable source of nicotinic acid, vitamin C, protein, thiamin, and riboflavin. It is believed to help fight cancer, increase eyesight, maintain healthier skin, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and promote lactation.

These Nigerian drinks are served liberally at Nigerian weddings and gatherings. This sweet drink is often called tombo or palmy, and there are actually species of palm wine known as Ngwo and Nkwu Enu. A sweet sap is extracted and collected from the trees by a tapper before it is fermented, yielding wine within a few hours of being taken. The more it ferments, the sourer it becomes.

Fermented sap has never been more delicious than it is as palm wine!


Which one of these nigerian drinks are you planning to try out? Let us know!