Live an Amazing 4×4 Experience in African Desert.


Live an Amazing 4×4 Experience in African Desert

Let us have something clear, deserts can be an overwhelmingly vast terrain full of unknown things. However, in spite of the heat and the sun, they can be intriguing but also really fun and beautiful. If you are a traveler and are looking for new and not so common experiences. In this post we will explain why to choose a desert tour in Africa, specifically, we will tell you why to travel through the desert in a four by four vehicle.

The Beauty of African Deserts.

Africa owns the largest desert in the world: the Sahara Desert. Of course, this one is the most known, but in fact, there are two other deserts, that combined with the Sahara, cover a huge part of the continent. These massive portions of land have provided for millions of years geological resources and cultural background. Here are the three deserts that conform to a large part of Africa.


The Sahara Desert:

With vast wildlife and plenty of communities of people in it, the largest desert contains an immense diversity. At the same time, scientists have confirmed that this desert grows in size. Studies from the 1980s show a part of the desert expanding to the Savanna; unbelievable but true. The Sahara, for a lot of years, has been a cradle for new tourists that desire to experience a change of common places to visit.

The Kalahari Desert:

This landscape has beautiful wind-shaped forms in the sand due to an erosion of soft stone formations, this makes it a geological wonder. This desert extends from the east to Zimbabwe, Angola, and the west to Namibia. A great variety of wildlife dwells in this area, including hyenas, lions, antelopes, and several species of birds and reptiles.

The Namib Desert:

“Namib”, in Nama language, means “vast” since it is considered one of the largest conservation areas in Africa. This one is also the oldest desert in the world considering it has endured arid land for about 80 million years. At the same time, it has the highest dunes on earth. Definitely, an ancient beauty with an inhospitable habitat that represents the wonders of nature.

4×4 Tour in Deserts.

As we have seen above, deserts are a magnificent landscape that anyone who is looking for an incredible adventure needs to explore. These are rich in fauna and awe-inspiring views. But what is the most exciting thing tourists can do in these arid lands? You should totally try a drive in a four by four vehicle.

This tour consists of driving an all-terrain car through the dunes of the desert following a route in which you will drive nearly vertical sand and rugged terrains. You can even make your own way out of routes and discover new ways! It is a fantastic and entertained activity to enjoy with your family and friends.

Why Choose a Tour Like This?

Tours in the African deserts are an enjoyable activity that plenty of people dies to try. Why? The reason is simply that you are able to have a complete view of the vast landscape. These tours allow you to appreciate the immensity of the scenery, you get to know new corners of the planet you wouldn’t even think of.

The wildlife, the smoothness of the sand and the view, are only some of the most common reasons people are so excited to meet deserts. Besides, wouldn’t you love to discover new paths in a desert in the comfort of a car? 

Don’t hesitate and try an awesome experience in one of the most beautiful sceneries the world has to offer.

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