It Is The Little Steps That Count

micro goals

How Micro Goals Help You To Achieve Bigger Goals

In your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to celebrate the little victories that come your way, you know, those small milestones that show you that you are on the right track. Take, for example; you started a keto diet so that you can ultimately drop 30 pounds if you notice after three weeks you’ve been able to shed 5 pounds; that’s enough reason for you to be happy and celebrate.

The truth is, while big goals are the ultimate targets you want to reach, attaining those goals at a stretch can be tasking and challenging most, especially when you don’t add a micro goal to your plan. Take the 30 pounds goal, for example, if you set out with just that figure in your mind, you might feel discouraged even before you start. But breaking it down to micro-goals of 2 pounds or 5 pounds can give you the needed momentum to reach your ultimate goal. Breaking your big goals into smaller goals can give you the right push into achieving any health, fitness, and wellness goals you set for yourself.


What Is A Micro Goal?

Micro goals or mini-goals are simply a broken-down version of your big goals into parts that allow you to maintain focus and also give you the platform to celebrate specific achievements along the way. Breaking your big goals into micro-goals can propel you into achieving any goal you set for yourself. There is no strategy to determine precisely what your micro-goals ought to be, what is important is that they keep you motivated, and set you on the right path to accomplishing your ultimate goal.


How To Set Micro Goals

Your ultimate goal should direct you on what your micro-goals should be. If you’ve never run a 26.2-mile marathon before and that’s your big goal in 3 months, you can set out micro-goals of completing 5 miles first, then 10 miles, 18 miles, and then before you know it, 26.2 miles becomes easily achievable. Micro Goals help to keep you motivated, and it encourages you to stay on track.

Even when you don’t have a greater goal, micro-goals can still be of tremendous help to you. If you want to make any significant positive change in your health, wellness, and fitness journey, then you should start implementing milestones to help you keep track of your achievements.

Why Micro Goals Matter

You might be asking yourself right now, “what’s the big deal about micro-goals, and why do they matter?” The truth is that they are essential when it comes to actualizing your goals. Not only do they help you track your growth, development, and progress, they also help to keep you encouraged and motivated in your health, wellness, and fitness journey. They help you set more achievable results while still providing constant motivation and encouragement. This is the reason why health and wellness experts are promoting the use of micro-goals to attain more significant goals.

So, what are you waiting for, set your micro-goals today!