Is the Pandemic an Opportunity To Revitalize Our Family Ties?


2020 – a year that was never dreamt of! We witnessed the world around us being overthrown by a single microscopic virus. Covid-19 has been in the world for almost a year now. Still, we don’t see a flicker of hope that could put an end to this disastrous situation. Its impact can be clearly seen on our economy, on our lifestyle, etc. The times are tough and emotionally agonizing. But the only bright side to all of this is that we get to be with our family and strengten our family ties.

Is the Pandemic an Opportunity To Revitalize Our Family Ties?
Photo by: Justin Paget

Good Fortune

We see thousands of people dying every day and victimized by the deadly virus. In times like this, we realize how lucky we are to be precluded by this global pandemic. However, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s pretty hard to deal with the daily emotional storms that months of lockdown have brought upon us.

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Opening Up

The whole world had stopped until the brilliant minds came up with the theme “Work from Home.” Since then, the worst fear of humans – “Road Traffic” – has come to an end. Schools and offices have shut down, and for the first time in history, the whole family is living under the same roof together for months. So, how do you guys see this situation?

Most of the people see this pandemic as an opportunity to open up their minds to families. The rest have cast their votes on relationship failures, divorces, suicides, etc. Still, we would like to point out that family ties are the main pillars for love and support.

Time for Love and Support

In this pandemic, who is helping you out to come out of this depressing situation? Who else would you lean on when you feel the world is falling apart? Your loving family! Who else is going to appreciate you for what you are instead of provoking you into every step?

The members of the family may not have been close before for whatever reason. But is it too late? The pandemic is bringing people together all around the world.

A Secure Place

If you still have your family sticking to you, you are one of the blessed people out there. What this pandemic made each and every one of us realize is that family ties are crucial. This is the place where you feel secure, and this is the place that will always have your back.

Wonderful stories popping up while dining, cleaning the whole house together, looking after the baby instead of having a nanny do it, comforting the elderly members of the family, and having a movie night every single day can be quite beautiful and meaningful. Where did the harshness among members go after the lockdown? Dealing with the pandemic would be really hard without the support of the greatest gift of the world “Family.”


Since we get to have these beautiful moments together and rekindle the lost family ties, we would say this pandemic is not a curse completely.