The Invincible Pen: Room 69


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Contributor: The Invincible Pen

This one is not like I want to explain the obvious. It’s not what it is here. I’d have preferred a round figure, but here it is less than one. Seems you don’t understand; Baba 70 could have said 69; even though he saw the 90’s. The figure doesn’t determine the figure or what to expect. What you expect is not far from what you expend!

This room is closed and exclusive to only those who can go beyond borders; giving your all into that which you hold as your all before you fall. If a man thinks of his fall before he comes, he has no place in this room. It’s not as if to say that the end should justify the means but the means should not be the motivation for the end. Even after the fall, time and the soothing site can arise the rise. How cruel is it for anyone who can’t plan for his plant?

Your garden eggplant should not make noise too much so that the sight won’t scare their lust. First, conceal the seal and watch what they feel, after drill the feels. Upon entry into this room, make sure your mind is clean from doubt so that you can give what you expect. Just like respect, how much you get is the little you give.

Drills and grills won’t make the experience smoother or sweeter; not every bread needs butter; not every gutter, water. For the day will determine the rays, for sun doesn’t need the night. Far from here is your place to stand if you can’t bury your doubts.

It’s bizarre in this room when you leave your eyes open, they tell you shine your eyes. What you see looks like magic, what you should see is what you expect. Call it optimism, don’t mess with sarcasm or criticism; they are like stain on your dress. Hurry up to the top like climax; pay your dues like tax or by burnt like the CD that’s been waxed. Hitherto, don’t say no to her. Who is she? Opportunity futuristic!!

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