Introducing The Sony NW-WS620 Waterproof Walkman

walkman. sony, headphones, headset

Getting To Know The Sony NW-WS620 Waterproof Walkman

Ever wondered why preference is given to music when we under go various physical tasks or routines? The answer to this question is quite simple, as music helps to give tranquility and calmness to our minds and body when we undergo vigorous tasks. Music offers a perfect coverage when we are engaged in one physical activity or the other. Our choice of listening device determines how best we enjoy our music experience.

Various athletes and workout fanatics employ music for their physical activities. The way we enjoy music without compromising on sound quality, battery longevity and design goes a long way in ensuring we enjoy music. There are various music listen devices out there but how can one select the best. That’s where the review of the sony NW-WS620 waterproof walkman comes in.‎

What makes the The Sony NW-WS620 waterproof Walkman the product that you need? The question will surely be answered as you read on. But take a second and imagine a quality, high performing and durable walkman created by sony with the best design features. The aesthetic design allows this device to be fully waterproof for water activities such as swimming, surfing and water boarding as well as dustproof for inland engagements like running, jogging, workouts and other physical daily activities.

walkman. sony, headphones, headsetWith a great sound quality, the Sony NW-WS620 gives music a whole new dimension. The walkman comes with 2 special earbuds suited for both vigorous land and water activities respectively. The standard earbud which is used for physical inland activities like running and the waterproof earbud which gives a complete waterproof coverage underwater.

As comfort is a prized asset when it comes to rigorous inland and water activities, The device is designed with wireless connectivity in the form of Bluetooth and NFC. What this means is that there are no cords or wires to cause drag whilst you are underwater and no wires, to cause discomfort, distraction and impedance as you carry out your routine. This wireless connectivity allows you to connect the Walkman to your smartphone and then listen to the songs from your phone. You can even go as far as answering a call via the Walkman with the Bluetooth remote control that comes along with the Walkman.

The sound quality of the Sony waterproof NW-WS620 Walkman is very good and exceptional. The sound is very clear underwater, making the Sony Walkman an effective music listen device for underwater water fanatics. Music lovers’ worldwide would greatly love this awesome masterpiece produced by Sony.

walkman. sony, headphones, headset

  • It is completely waterproof and dustproof
  • A full charge gives you up to 12hours of continuous usage
  • A 3 minutes charge gives you 60minutes of playtime
  • An awesome sound quality
  • Equipped with 2 earbuds for both inland and water activities. Each provides a balanced and complete audio quality.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth and NFC Wireless technology
  • 16gig available storage
  • Ability to function in adverse temperature ranges of 23of and 113of
  • Saltwater proof up to depths of 6.56feet
  • Quality ambient sound mode
  • Highly compatible with smartphones
  • Bluetooth remote controlled
  • Not advisable to use past 6.56feet in saltwater
  • Users may experience discomfort when using the device.

  • The Sony Walkman is not only waterproof, but dustproof as well.
  • It has a wireless technology of both Bluetooth and NFC, meaning music can be streamed and played from a smartphone
  • 16GB storage space for audio files
  • Ability to withstand adverse temperatures ranging from 23oF to 113oF
  • Function properly in saltwater up to depths of 6.56feet
  • High durability that can withstand dust, water and saltwater
  • Ambient sound functionality
  • Highly comfortable
  • Excellent battery life allows for up to 12hours of high functionality
  • Highly compatible with smartphones
  • Effective waterproof earbuds
  • Bluetooth remote control functionality
  • Built-in microphone functionality for hands free call
  • Drag and drop files from various services like iTunes and windows media player
  • Ability to play various musical file formats like mp3 and wma files.

The pros of the sony NW-WS620 waterproof walkman outweigh the cons. The price is very affordable and convenient. Getting one for yourself will leave you with no regrets.

Our final verdict:

The Sony NW-WS620 waterproof walkman is a magnificent piece of underwater musical device. It’s design, battery life and performance is second to none.  We’ve drawn out a pros and cons list to show you the advantages and the disadvantages of this product before passing our verdict.