Instagram vs Twitter: For The Entrepreneur


Instagram vs Twitter. These 2 platforms are quite similar in many ways; utilizing the power of hashtags. It wasn’t long until Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 Billion, after being founded in 2010. Instagram is a photo-sharing platform that allows users to edit their images with filters, stickers, text, stories; which shares real-time info via photos. On the other hand, Twitter caters to quick updates and summary posts and also a provides a platform where you can socialize. One of the reasons Twitter might have seen a decline is because of the rise in Instagram. If you intend growing your fan base or even your business, you should be using both platforms. Now, let’s see how these 2 platforms may compare or differ, specifically for the young entrepreneur trying to scale their business.


  • Instagram provides more options for ad placement. Stories have been monetized, with ads popping up between auto-playing videos and stories as a user browses their feed.
  • Instagram has a Live story feature, where brands chat in real-time with their followers provides an engagement level of 100%.
  • Studies have shown that customer engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than on Facebook.
  • Filters on Instagram allow users to design photos to be captivating, eye-catching, and flawless.


  • Your posts which promote your business can go viral on Twitter.
  • Trending topics give your business a chance to be seen by Twitter users from around the world.
  • The conversion tracking feature will help your business see which tweets and campaigns perform the best.

In terms of Business promotion as an entrepreneur, we can say Instagram is the clear winner of this short battle. Got any other way you want us to compare these? Kindly tell us in the comments!