How Tourism Is Emerging In Nigeria

Photo by: Kareem Tejumola EyeEm

The tourism sector in Nigeria was established in 1988, since then the tourism sector of Nigeria has been garnering quite a bit of international attention. Nigeria has UNESCO heritage sites like the Osun Sacred Grove, and there’s Zuma Rock, Lekki Conservation Centre, etc. All these places are adding to the reputation of the country. Read this article to know how tourism is emerging in Nigeria.

How Tourism Is Emerging In Nigeria

To increase tourist attractions, many researchers are finding different ways to shine a light on the sector. In his paper, “Transforming the Nigeria tourism industry through tourism entrepreneurial development,” Esu (2015) explores the possibility of increasing tourist activity and attraction by delving into the concept of tourism entrepreneurship. Tourism entrepreneurship focuses on enhancing creative tourism. This is a great and artistic way of developing the tourism sector.

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Creative tourism focuses on experience and interactive participation in the Nigerian culture and way of life. Nigeria’s indigenous history dates back thousands of years; the accumulated history, practices, ancient rituals are in abundance, Nigeria is home to many different ethnolinguistic groups. Creative tourism will allow the opportunity for tourists to learn about local culture by participating in local workshops, classes, or rituals.

The workshops and classes are where tourist entrepreneurs come in, and they create spaces, ideas, workshops that provide the tourists not just to observe but also to learn on a first-hand basis. Tourist entrepreneurs can tap into this potential market; they can create opportunities so that the local artists and tourists can meet.

The local artists can themselves become tourist entrepreneurs by opening up their business to the world by organizing classes and activities and putting it out there on their websites, or they can make connections with tourist organizations so that their activities are listed. This will help to grow the tourism sector and will benefit the economy as a whole.

How Tourism Is Emerging In Nigeria

Creative tourism makes way to participate in local dances, pottery, art, sewing, storytelling, photography, craft-making, weaving, fishing, learning to make local food, spices, etc. anything that belongs to respective Nigerian indigenous culture. Many Nigerian tour organizers are already investing in many kinds of creative tourism opportunities all over Nigeria. This helps the local farmers, weavers, and artisans to showcase their works, interact with the tourists, and support their arts and businesses. Cultural tourism and creative tourism are both great ways of experience and learning about people. But the most important thing is to advance intensive efforts to preserve local indigenous cultures and practices.

Even though the implementation and strategy of this new kind of tourism are still ongoing, there are quite a few places you can try.

Here’s a small list:

  • The Metaphor, where you can participate in painting
  • Abuja Arts and Crafts Village
  • Yankari Game Reserve, with a number of activities to participate in

The tourism sector of Nigeria, hence, is a diverse platform where you can partake and engage in your adventures, learn from the locals and be humbled and awed at the expanse of rich color, heritage, and diversity that fills the country. Not only that, but Nigeria is a growing tech hub with an electric nightlife. The infusion of culture, modernism, and nature awaits you for a truly exhilarating experience. This is how tourism is emerging In Nigeria