How To Pick The Best Men’s Glasses



When it comes to choosing their eyeglasses or sunglassesmen often favour technical aspects: comfort, quality and strength, but also and increasingly, aesthetic criteria. We will focus here on the choice of shapes and colours of your frames, gentlemen!

Whether or not you pay close attention to your dress style, a pair of glasses is not like clothing, and you won’t be able to change them every day. The frame emphasizes your eyes and must be in perfect harmony with your face and your complexion. Whatever your intentions: to seduce, accentuate your masculinity, give you more character or integrity, reveal your personality, know that a spectacle frame necessarily influences the way you will be perceived.

The shape of men’s frames

If you want to get straight to the point, here are two rules for finding the right pair of glasses:

  • The shape of the glasses should be the reverse of the shape of the face. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it is often better to choose an eyeglass frame that improves the contours of the face.
  • The eyebrows should always be visible. This is where all the expression on your face is, don’t hide it! Ideally, the line of the frame will follow the line of your eyebrows.

To find out what shape your face has, the easiest method is to draw its outline on one of your portrait photos or by looking yourself straight in the face in a mirror. In this case, discreetly borrow the lipstick from your woman and don’t forget to erase your outline unless you have a face in the shape of a heart, of course.

The round type male face

If you want to reduce the roundness of your features, the easiest solution is to choose a rather thin and rectangular men’s frame. The angular shapes will give you character, will structure your face; you could feel more masculine! Avoid frames that are too small or those that will accentuate the roundness of your face.

The male face is triangular or heart-shaped.

You have a wide forehead and a thin, protruding chin: prefer thin, narrow and fairly high frames (no too wide temples). It is always about going towards balance: to counterbalance the pointed chin, the square or rectangular shape will suit you very well and accentuate your character. The oval frames the upper edges rounded will be perfect.

The male face of lower triangular type

Your forehead is narrow and your chin wider. You can try on frames that emphasize the upper part of the face like the wayfarer.

The oval type male face

You are the luckiest man (well on that question!) Because all styles suit you. To maintain the natural harmony of your face, however, avoid glasses that are too wide on the side or, conversely, too narrow. Let your imagination run wild and choose your frame according to your personality.

The male face of rectangular type

It’s a bit like the oval face; everything will suit you. Please do not deprive yourself of it, let round frames tempt yourself for reasons of originality, fashion or a desire to rebalance your features.

The choice of colours

The colour will depend mainly on that of your hair, your complexion and your eyes. If you have a broad forehead, know that a black or flashy coloured frame will accentuate the upper part of your face and therefore your forehead. Ok, you want to look even smarter, so why not!
For pale-skinned brown men with light eyes: brown or warm colours will enhance your complexion and eyes. Avoid: black, the contrast will be too high, and you may suddenly look bad. For others, know that black intensifies the look.