How to lose weight at Home: 7 Actionable Tips

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Today, the internet is populated with lots of “lose weight” tips, methods and hacks. Modern-day health companies offer a gazillion of weight-loss drugs and products. Still, these methods can have negative side effects on your health.
Especially now during the times of a pandemic, work from home is the new normal. The urge of snaking every minute is irresistabl and the kitchen is at your disposal. It’s very easy to shed those kilos as you lead a healthy lifestyle staying from home. Here are 7 actionable tips you can adopt today that will help you lose weight working from home.

1. Maintain a proper eating schedule

You need to schedule your meals. This is the most important aspect of your journey to losing weight. There is a high correlation between your meal timings and your weight loss quest. Controlled intake of foods has proven to help in losing weight. Thus, you need to know the timings for your breakfast, lunch and dinner, and ofcourse; snaking. Additionally, sticking to an eating schedule allows more time for digestion and prevents any stomach ills like indigestion or bloat.

2. Eat something within the first hour in the morning

Create a habit of having an early breakfast. Try and eat something within the first hour after waking up. It could be a smoothie, scrambled eggs, or apple pie porridge, keep it simple. You need these essential nutrients and calories before your day’s work. Early breakfast can help keep hunger at bay and reduce any snaking tendencies throughout the day.

3. Excessive consumption of tea, beverages,and coffee  nullifies weight loss

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Beverages like wine and alcohol with added sugars can be risky to your health. They are highly affiliated with disorders like heart attack, cancer, and diabetes. Moreover, beverages have liquid calories that are converted and stored in the body as fat. Thus, excessive consumption of these beverages could thwart your weight reduction efforts. Unsweetened black coffee or sugar-free tea have almost no calories and hence good for weight loss.

4. Avoid sleeping right after meals

Sleep is essential in weight loss. However, sleeping right after meals is a hitch to losing weight. Sleeping right after meals deprives your body enough time to burn calories. Give your body enough time to digest and assimilate nutrients. Sleeping three hours after meals would suffice.

5. Avoid processed foods

Often while working from home, preparing your meals could be tiresome and hectic. Therefore you opt for ready-made foods like pizza, baked bread, instant noodles, and sweetened drinks. First, these foods are addictive. Secondly, these processed foods are rich in calories, fat, and sugar which not only dwindles your weight loss efforts but puts your health at risk

6. Maintain water intake

Consuming large amounts of water is vital to any weight reduction cause. Water hastens the breakdown of calories and also reduces toxicity levels in our bodies. Whether you want to reduce belly fat or general body weight, drink water regularly. As a rule of thumb, eight-ounce glasses of water a day is ample.

7. Eat fruits and fiber

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Fruits are nutritious, healthy, and speed up weight loss. Research has proven that people who take more fruits generally weigh less.
Additionally, the consumption of fiber-rich foods can help in the release of satiety hormones. You feel your stomach is full hence, you are less often likely to snack during the day.

Bonus tip: Include veggies in your diet

Veggies are a fantastic way to help you lose weight. They are rich in low calories, fat. Moreover, they contain vitamins and nutrients suitable for shedding those kilos.

Bottom Line

Losing weight at home can be difficult but not impossible. You have to be intentional about it. Hopefully, these tips will help you lose weight, stay healthy, and reduce many weight-related disorders. What other weight loss tips did we miss out? Let us know in the comment section!