How To Choose And Wear Men’s Shorts?


With the intense heat which arrived for a few days, the wearing of men’s shorts is essential of itself.
Men’s shorts have become an essential piece for any male wardrobe, you still have to know how to choose it according to its morphology and especially how to wear it!
Here are some details that should already get you back on the right track.

The Different Types Of Men’s Shorts

Whether it’s for going to the beach or for a casual stroll down the street, there are several types of shorts to match with your usual outfit and look.
Indeed, between the XL shorts that we find among athletes such as basketball players or the short shorts that we prefer to decompress near the pool, it is not easy to find the one to wear.

Short shorts

A timeless piece, especially when it is in jeans, linen or cotton, the short shorts adapt in particular to the personality of each one. Thus, unlike men who are modest or who are not comfortable with their body, who will opt for longer shorts, most will opt for short shorts which offer both comfort and relaxation.

If you are relatively muscular or at the very least confident, the men’s short shorts show off your physique in style.

Long shorts

There too, several solutions are available to you in terms of fabric even if jeans remain a “must-have”, whatever the colour.
Particularly suitable for athletic men and those with relatively thin thighs.

Cargo cut shorts

Located between Bermuda shorts and baggy shorts, these Men’s Shorts are also known as military shorts, because their design is reminiscent of army uniforms, with their large side pockets in particular.

Worn at the knee or slightly below, it is recognized not only by its large pockets on the side but also by its often dark favourite colours (olive green, black or grey).
Sporty cut shorts

For sports shorts, two solutions are available to you:

  • Short sports shorts: they are usually worn halfway up the thighs, but they can also go up higher on the leg.
  • Long sports shorts (also called sports shorts): can be recognized by their length below the knees and often made in a light, soft fabric.

Either way, athletic shorts shouldn’t be too baggy or too tight.

Shorts with a fitted cut

Called semi-slim Men’s Shorts, these fitted shorts offer a modern and elegant look.
More or less tight at the thighs, it relaxes slightly at the level of your knees.

Perfect for going out with friends and adopting a chic, refined and trendy look.

Beach shorts

Also called summer shorts, this type of shorts takes the form of short shorts as well as Bermuda shorts.
Usually, it ends at mid-thigh, above the knee, but you can find it at all lengths, depending on the style and look you’re wearing.

Beach shorts, as opposed to other shorts, are extremely light, very colourful.

It is always difficult to choose Men’s Shorts with patterns because it all depends on them. On the other hand, be sure to wear a plain coloured top so as not to overload your outfit!