How these smart watches can change your life in 2020


Smartwatches have a unique way of representing smart features. If you have one of the best smart watch on your wrist, you can use them to work with most of your smartphone features. Smartwatches are designed to look like wristwatches but are integrated with technology to act as mini computers.


The market of the smartwatches has expanded to the point where every smartphone company is stepping into the smart wearable industry. Today, people are preferring smartwatches over the traditional analog or digital wristwatches.


What makes these smartwatches popular?

Smartwatches have become an inseparable part of their lives. Even after having smartphones to our disposal, people are using smartwatches to make their work more efficient. During its early year, smartwatches were meant to be just wrist wearable with integrated smart technology to track body fitness. But today, the concept of the smartwatches have changed drastically.


The concept has now become more of a computer than having only selected features to track body fitness. The high scalability use of the smartwatches has made it look like an extension of the smartwatches.


You will find that several mega smartphone companies have launched their own smartwatches that can be connected with your smartphones. Once the smartphones and smartwatches are connected together, you will be able to use most of your smartphone features with the help of the smartwatches.


You can not only see all the notifications, but you can even reply back to those notifications. You can even make or receive calls with the help of your smartwatches. In addition to that, you also get a full set of fitness trackers that tracks down your every physical body activity.


How smartwatches can change your life?

There are many ways in which smartwatches have left a positive impact on our daily life. Some of the most influential impacts have been given below.


1.   Increases smartphones security

The problem of using smartphones is that they are expensive. So, we need to be careful while using it in public places. However, if you are using a smartphone that is connected with a smartwatch, you can rest assured about its security.


Smartwatches can really boost your mobile security. Most smartwatches come with a feature “find my phone”. So, when your mobile phone is lost or stolen, you can simply use this feature to0 locate where your smartphone is. When you use the Find My phone’s features, it radiates an SOS noise that is pretty loud. Besides the noise, it even sends you the GPS location of your smartphone.


2.   Control your music playlist

The worst thing that you can experience while listening to music is changing music while you are traveling. Really it can be nasty sometimes. For instance, you are in a jam-packed metro and the song next in the playlist is not the song you want to hear. But due to the jam-packed metro, you cannot take out your smartphone to change the song.


But, if you are wearing a smartwatch, you can change the song from your smartwatch. With the smartwatch, you can easily navigate all your local list and select the songs you like.


3.   Know your surroundings

Have you ever used your smartphone to see what buildings are around you? Well, the same features can be used with the help of your smartwatch. When you are new at a place, you can use this feature to know your surroundings. What are the medical facilities, nearby restaurants, social clubs, etc? You can even use this feature to know weather conditions.


4.   Never get lost

One of the smartphones third-party applications that you can use on your smartphones is a google map. Yes, you heard me correctly. If your smartphone is embedded with GPS, you can use google maps. The process of using the google map is the same as you have been using in smartphones. However, here instead of typing the occasion, you just have to voice search it. Once you are all set with the location, you just have to say navigate, and google map will just work fine.


5.   Get latest news update

The best thing I like the most about the smartwatch is that you can get all the latest news of your preferences. That means you just have to set the kind of news you would love to be notified about. And whenever any latest news is published related to your preferred niche, it will be displayed on your smartwatch in the form of a snippet.


6.   Fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are the standard feature that you can expect them on any smartwatches. You can even say that the concept of the smartwatches is coined from the fitness tracker itself. The fitness tracker features a full set of fitness activities, starting from calories burned, distance traveled, pulse rate to sleep time. There are some other smartwatches as well that can even keep track of the menstrual cycle as well.



Smartwatches are slowly disrupting people’s lives in a positive way. It has already established itself as an extension of the smartwatches. Smartwatches are already quite advanced for its times, who knows this might be just a futuristic technology in its initial phase.


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