How the Nigerian Fashion Industry is Growing Influential


The Nigerian Fashion industry has been at its peak for about a couple of decades now. Although they say Nigerian fashion brands are “inward-looking,” they have outdone many challenges to become worldwide trendsetters with their passion for fashion. To catalyze its expansion and gain awareness, the most potential designers started going to global fashion programs.

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Nigerian Designers Going Global

Top drawer designers, such as Deola Sagoe, have made quite the place as a black Nigerian woman in the global industry. Speaking for the Queen of Design, her apparels have adorned A-list celebrities and top models. In 2004, her diverse and unique collection made it to Rome’s most famous runway, AltaRoma.

Sagoe has always had the confidence that the world is yet to witness the magic that many such passionate artists have back at home. And as she believed, many Nigerian names have become worldwide by partaking in runways to staple the Nigerian taste in the fashion industry.

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Some of the most contemporary Nigerian names on the international map are Folake Folarin-Coker, Duro Olowu, Soares Anthony, Zizi Cardow, and Frank Oshodi. They have all weaved impactful stories worth telling. Bringing their own handmade designs and unique fusions to the table, the whole world credits their noteworthy contributions.

Fashion for a Cause

How the Nigerian Fashion Industry is Growing Influential

Today’s fashion is not just dictated by the European cuts and American combinations. The styles, colors, and influences of Nigeria have transcended and become the epitome of power and inspiration.

What’s more noteworthy is that these Nigerian fashion brands do not just make it to runways to imprint their black talents. They craft motifs with a motive to bring change more often than the global population recognizes. Sometimes, they make models catwalk to raise funds for starving and underprivileged African children.

While these struggles make tactful and emotional headlines, there is plenty of room to bring actual change. Who knew fashion designers could be the real change-makers someday? And just like that, the Nigerians contemporized traditional styles, tailoring techniques to make it to the red carpets for great causes.

How the Nigerian Fashion Industry is Growing Influential

For the up and coming designers, managing to create a niche in the booming industries can be challenging. Needless to say, the Nigerian trailblazers have paved the way for the successors to have shiny opportunities. These young artists have always clung to their histories and are 100% authentic in showcasing individuality in their presentations.

One key element has impacted the Nigerian fashion industry to grow global influence: paying attention to detail. It is what has kept fashion icons on the top charts. Unlike most designers, it isn’t about trying to fit in to only exist. It is about creating a lasting effect on every client. And so, the Nigerian potential is enhanced, ultimately reaching an international standard.

Bottom Line 

Time and time again, the glitz and glam of the Nigerian fashion world have brought out the best in fashionistas and created a scope for individual expressions. It demonstrates that the finer things in life are about being authentic, catering to varying personalities.