How Event Professionals Are Adapting To Change

event planning, event professional, coronavirus, covid-19

How Coronavirus Is Changing The Business Environment For Event Planners

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has not only taken the world by surprise; it has shaken it to its very core. Each and every person in the world has been affected one way or the other by the pandemic. From religious bodies to schools, businesses, and even sporting activities, everyone has been affected, and the world as we know it is no longer the same.

One area that has suffered a bulk of the shakeup caused by the pandemic is the area of events planning. Despite the difficulties and restrictions, event professionals have been able to navigate these uncertain times. It is no wonder in show business, the common saying, “The Show Must Go On.”

However, in regards to the planning and execution of events, following specific steps is essential, most notably in these harsh conditions. Mind you, the challenges people face will be a bit different from individual to individual thanks to certain factors like location, level of exposure, and much more. Every situation differs, and as such, it needs personal attention. If you plan on running an event soon, then the following pointers would be of tremendous help to you;

Wellness and Safety

For all your events, the people (your guests, employees, and so on) should be your number priority at all times. In a nutshell, you have to consider the safety of each and every person that will be present on that day. Take the necessary precautionary measures recommended by local and health authorities.

event planning, event professional, coronavirus, covid-19

Impact on Business

After health and safety, the next item for your consideration should be the business side of things. In carrying an event in this current climate, you need to account for the possibility that the event might be canceled. So ask yourself, what would be the impact of such occurrence? What safety measures can we put in place? Should the number of participants drop? These and many more are questions you should have answers for.

Potential risks

Risks are the likelihood of catastrophic scenarios in addition to the scale o impact. With a risk assessment matrix, you can identify potential risks beforehand, and create the right response(s) to any of such risks. It is handy to have a risk team in place, equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and experience to handle any possibility.


When it comes to Covid-19, communication is paramount. Work closely with personnel, on-site workers, partners, and clients. A close-knit chain of communication will ensure everyone is on a similar page, and are ready for any eventuality. Constant communication is vital in the current scale of things. There should be regular updates and an open feedback/feedforward system. Ensure everyone knows what to do at any given time.

Final Words

The show must always go on, and even in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, events are starting to spring up in certain places. Have you had a chance to organize or take part in any event in the last few weeks? Let us know in the comment section.