How alpha are you? Take our quiz

How alpha you are can affect your earning power, your relationships, even your happiness, but not necessarily in the way you think. Take our quick alpha quiz to find out more...

Wolf of Wall Street, Alpha Male, Alpha
Uber Alpha - Wolf of Wall Street

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta , which male personality do you have? Are you backwards about coming forwards? How comfortable are you talking to women? Take our quiz and find out if nice guys really do come last.

  1. You are in a club and there’s a girl you really like. Do you
    a) Immediately send her a bottle of champagne and then go over and wow her
    b) Wait hopefully for her to invite you over
    c) Act like a clown in the hope that you’ll be noticed
    d) Position yourself close by, then when you have a chance say hello.
  2. Personality-wise you best resemble
    a) The Wolf of Wall Street
    b) Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    c) Rob Kardashian
    d) Jerry Maguire post-epiphany
  3. Your ideal occupation is
    a) Investment banker
    b) Priest or Tree Hugger
    c) Internet troll
    d) Life coach
  4. Your suit of choice
    a) 007 tuxedo
    b) Tweed from thrift store
    c) Tracksuit and baseball cap
    d) Smart casual. You look put together but it’s not about the clothes.
  5. You’re drinking
    a) Hennessy
    b) Sparkling grape juice, you’re teetotal
    c) Jello shots
    d) Red wine
  6. Your nickname is
    a) Ace
    b) Dork
    c) Punk
    d) Buddy
  7. Your ideal holiday is
    a) Vegas
    b) Thai Yoga retreat
    c) Amusement park
    d) Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
  8. Your ideal woman is
    a) Kim Kardashian
    c) Kendall
    d) Blac Chyna
    e) Kourtney
  9. Your car of choice
    a) Bugatti
    b) Toyota Prius
    c) Mini Cooper
    d) vintage Mercedes
  10. You’re most likley to say
    a) Nice legs, what time do they open?
    b) Are you an angel? You look like you fell from heaven
    c) You hang up first
    d) You make me want to be a better man

Mostly A’s

The Alpha Man

Wolf of Wall Street, Alpha Male, Alpha
Uber Alpha – Wolf of Wall Street


As an alpha male you’re dominant, a leader, most men are jealous of your success with women and fearless aggression, but there’s a thin line between confidence and obnoxious arrogance. Fine tune your alpha-ness to the situation or you could end up turning off the woman you really want.

Most B’s

The Beta Man

Carlton Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,  Beta, Beta Man, Alpha
Carlton Banks, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Do you work in IT? You’re the the awkward nice guy that women tend to settle for. You really respect women and are sensitive but unless you assert yourself you may always be on the sidelines watching the players and ultimately not find true happiness either at work or at home.

Mostly C’s

Omega Man

Rob Kardashian, Omega Man, Alpha
Rob Kardashian, Douchbag

Grow up! You will never get/keep a woman unless you develop some maturity and confidnece. The only women who are with you are mothering types who enjoying man-boys, it gives them something to do, but at work and in bed you are a complete failure, a self-hating simp cruising for a bruising

Mostly D’s

The Gamma Man

Jerry Maguire, Gamma man, Alpha
Jerry Maguire

Often sought for but rarely found. You may have dabbled in bad boy behaviour but somewhere along the line you matured and worked out that it’s all about growth and taking note of the bigger picture. You set an example for your friends and have a mix of excitement and responsibility that is very appealing to women.