He's a Fox alright! Jamie Foxx linked to actress Katie Holmes


If they are doing it, we have the pictures to prove it…well sort of.

Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has been romantically linked to actress and Tom Cruise’s ex Katie Holmes for over two years now but yesterday following US Weekly’s article that the pair were definitely an item did the rumours rekindle to headline status.

We think what makes this really catchy is that people have been wondering if Katie would ever find love again and then to put Jamie into the picture, not only is he a well know ladies man, he is almost the complete opposite of Tom- how could this happen?

Well according to reports, their close friends know they are in a relationship even though they have tried to keep on quiet with alleged clandestine dates at his exclusive 40-acre Los Angeles estate ranging from hours watching movies, dinners, swimming in the pool, strolling through the avocado orchard, and dancing to music.

Foxx is 47 and Holmes is 36 but it’s said that they act like two teenagers in love. “Katie loves that he makes her laugh. He does amazing impressions of just about anyone. It’s one of his best flirting techniques,” a source tells US Weekly. ‘Jamie is someone she can trust and have fun with. She’s getting everything from Jamie that she didn’t get with Tom.’

But other sources dismiss these as just rumours stating they are just flirty friends.




Photos: MAilOnline