Healthy Late Night Snacks of Low Calories

Photo by: AJ_Watt

Although late night snacking is unhealthy, there are a number of low calorie snacks, which may be healthy enough to satisfy and fill your stomach. Here are some of the healthy snacks you can feast on in the middle of the night:

Healthy Late Night Snacks of Low Calories
Photo by: AJ_Watt

1. Strawberries

A fresh amount of strawberries are a good option when it comes to healthy snacks you can eat late at night. 1 cup of strawberries amounts to 166 grams and has only 55 calories. The low calorie number suggests that you can eat your fill without exceeding the calorie count, and you could even pair it with some chocolate or cheese if you don’t want to eat plain strawberries and feel like adding some flavor.

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2. Eggs

Eggs are one of the lowest calorie sources of protein you can snack on. A single large egg contains 72 calories, from which 17 comes from the whites and 55 from the yolk. It contains 6.28 grams of protein, which shows how much you can eat without adding any extra pounds if you are really cautious of your weight. There are hundreds of recipes you can try with an egg so that you don’t get bored.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a great snack to help you with sleeping troubles. It contains 37% of the RDI in magnesium, which is beneficial for falling asleep. 28 grams of pumpkin seeds contains 144 calories, so all you need is to snack on a little bit to fill you up. Pumpkin seeds are also useful in producing the melanin in your body.

4. Whole Grain Wrap

Whole grain is known to contain a lower calorie count than anything made from white grain. Pair up a single whole grain tortilla wrap with any filling of your preference such as hummus or any vegetable you like. Since a single tortilla wrap will contain 94 calories, you can enjoy two wraps without worrying about the extra weight you might put on.

5. Yogurt

When it comes down to low calorie snacks, yogurt is one of the best options out there. Anyone obsessed with the fitness lifestyle will usually include yogurt into the diet plan, as a single cup of nonfat yogurt contains only 94 calories. It is a great snack, with which you can improve the flavor by adding some fruits such as berries of your choice or by adding some nuts.

6. Banana With Almond Butter

Bananas are one of the most filling fruits you can enjoy, and when paired up with almond butter, you can rest assured that your appetite will be satisfied. A banana dipped in almond butter carries 165 calories of deliciousness, and bananas have also been proven to boost the melatonin in your body while almond butter contains healthy fats for your body.


If you’re worried about gaining weight, then the snacks listed here will get rid of your worries. Everything listed is less than 200 calories, so feel free to enjoy these healthy low calorie snacks.