Healthy food Vs.Unhealthy food


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Contirbutor: Odinekachukwu Ishicheli

These foods are viwed as healthy by many, but are they really healthy? Read on and find out 5 foods consumed everyday we term as “healthy”.

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  1. Energy bars supposedly helps with weight loss.  Energy bars don’t help you lose weight; they only encourage your body to store fat and calories. One energy bar contains as much as 500 calories which is equal to the same amount a lunch or dinner should contain, however you could consume more than one energy bar at a sitting which automatically means more calorie in your body.

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  1. “Why eat 300 grams of chocolate, when you can enjoy a healthy banana snack”, they say. Of course bananas are healthy, the unhealthy part is due to deep frying of the banana. A serving of banana chips contains about 10 grams of saturated fat thanks to the frying effect, which impacts negatively on the body’s cholesterol level. Want healthy? Eat a fresh banana fruit instead of a fried one.


  1. Low fat yogurt is always a go-to alternative for people pursing a weight loss regime, but it turns out to be a bad choice. Reducing fat in a product means non sweetened taste, to compensate for the tastelessness; manufactures add more sugar to make the low fat yogurt sweet. Not low-fat after all!

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  1. Whole grains are healthy as they contain fibers and B vitamin. Whole grains though aren’t the real things sold in stores; stores stock “wheat” and “multigrain” and one has to be careful of these. Whole grains contain all part of a grain kernel, while the refined grains do not contain all the part as they have finer texture, last longer and are less healthy.

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  1. Dear readers, avoid sport drinks. These drinks contain too much dye preservatives that aren’t needed in the body. A lot of people says it’s better than soda as soda is just a combination of sugar and chemicals, but soda is worse considering the dye content.  Due to this reason it has been banned in Japan and Europe; beware!